Hong Kong shares the Gospel

Hong Kong shares the Gospel

Hong Kong shares the Gospel

The team has hit the ground running. We have been very busy with evangelism opportunities. After several practice sessions, the team took the gospel to the streets. The first night, Gloria was able to lead a man to Christ. After each presentation which includes songs, sometimes puppets, testimonies, and a drama, the team then goes out to pass out tracts in the crowd. This approach has worked well. Today (Saturday) the team has been helping to teach dramas to the local Christians. Tonight, we will have a ‘gospel dinner’ at a local restaurant. This dinner is free for the local people but they must stay to watch the presentation of the gospel. Please pray that these many outreaches have planted many seeds. The weather continues to be hot and humid with occasional showers in the evenings. We are enjoying the Chinese food and the generous ways of the Chinese people. The team took a moment to write down a message to all of their loved ones: Taylor says, “This place is absolutely amazing. I love it! The YFC staff provide a lot of very, good food, especially the tea. The people here are the most beautiful and kind people I’ve met and seen. Please keep praying for our team and Hong Kong. I love you guys very much.” Caileigh writes, “Hey, Fam. I am doing very well here in Hong Kong. I love it. Hope you don’t miss me too much. The food is great.” Drew says, “Dear Mom and loving, devoted family, don’t worry about me. I have air conditioning, mattresses, working showers, all-you-can-eat Chinese food, and about 8 laundrymats in each square block. Hong Kong is soooo cool!!” Lauran writes, “God be praised for our safe arrival and for the beautiful people we are working with! Pray without ceasing.” Katie says, “Hong Kong is great!! Love it here!!” Jake writes, “I’m really excited to be on the path to the lifestyle that God wants me to be living.” Emily says,”Hello, Everyone! It’s so exciting to be here! We are working with amazing people! God has already started to work. Pray that He does more. Learning about the culture is so interesting!! I love you all and miss you!” Issac poetically states,”I lovest thouest greatly, my dearest homies. I am enjoying my trip to the land of Hong Kong with my brethren (peeps). I wisheth to slumbereth but my leaders restraineth that privilege. No soul understandeth the great language of English. The living quarters are the delight of my spirit. The city bustleth into late hours of the night. We cleanseth ourselves with water from the divine tap in the pursuit of the removeth of germs. We dineth at Chinese restaurant next door. The cuisine bringeth joy upon mine heart. Salutations.” Gloria writes, “My amazing family, mommy I miss you like crazy. Daddy, I also miss you a lot. Everything is going great. I led someone named Gary Fu to the Lord yesterday. So pray for him if you think of it. The food is good and the culture is all so interesting. Only the second day and I already have many stories to tell you. I love you. Miss you tons!! God bless you all. You’re in my heart always. BTW – Write me!! The address is on my prayer card!! I’ll be waiting.. No pressure:)” And the leaders write to all the parents saying “Thanks for sending your wonderful kids on this team. They are all great and growing in the Lord.”



  1. Gloria Rodriguez

    What a blessing to know that your lives are shining for Jesus! We are praying for all of you. Gloria Marie, we are also praying that your knee is healing, and that nothing is impeding you from glorifying the Name of the Lord. We love you guys!

  2. Dan & Tammie Hicks

    Emily – So great to hear all the wonderful things God has done and the blessings He’s given you (AC and laundry mats!) We will pray that God does even more as you asked in the update. Can’t wait to hear all about your summer.
    Mom & Dad

  3. Taylor, I am so please to hear you’re all safe. The Lord is doing great and awesome things in Hong Kong. It is so neat that you are able to witness these events. He never slumbers nor sleeps!!!!
    I will keep praying for you and your teammates. Thank you Shana for posting these updates, I am so looking forward for the next!!

  4. Great to see how God is at work in all your lives. Praise Him for His faithfulness.

  5. Drew – I’ve done your laundry – I don’t think 8 laundromats is enough!!! Love you! Have a great time! Auntie Sue

  6. Stephanie Knorr

    We loved reading this update! Glad to hear Isaac is keeping everyone entertained. So happy to hear that God is working in Hong Kong! Keep up the good work. Miss you Isaac!!

  7. Awesome! We are praying for much fruit!

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