Bridge project completed 01001

Bridge project completed

Bridge project completed

Wow, what a group!! This team has worked exteremly hard to finish the bridge project. I have never had such a hard working, non-complaining team. They all worked till the very last day, hour and minute.

I am excited to say that the bridge structure is up and completed. There are a few things that remain, but for the most part the hard work is done. The ramp on the other side of the river still needs to be completed. The long 14 meter poles are up and Glenn was able to cross the Luswishi river using the bridge and a ladder. Timbers have been placed on the first 14 meter poles, but the second set of 14 meter poles still need timbers so they can walk across. The bridge also needs some poles for braces and a few other minor adjustments.

The team poured 58 bags of cement, braking their own rock for gravel. Oscar was transporting rock, cement and supplies across the river by a canoe which took on water. A couple of times the canoe sank to the bottom of the river and Nick, Conner, and Stewart jumped in to pull it out and save the cargo.

The last night in Luswishi we were putting the last large pole up and Satan didn’t like it. The first time the pole fell in the river and the team had to pull it out. It was getting dark and Glenn was about to give up and call it quits.

Oscar then pulled the truck around, shined the lights on the project and the guys begged Glenn not to quick. KP and myself (Jillian) went down to the project site with a snack to see what was taking so long. When we saw how close they were to finishing we gathered together and had a time of prayer and songs with some of the Orphans as the guys continued to work.

We thought it would take a long time to pull the pole out of the water, but it was as if the angles lifted it right out. Quickly the team members reset the pole and got it ready for a second try. This time it worked and the pole was aventualy braced. The team members rejoiced and praised the Lord. By the time we ate supper and had devo’s the team members were tired. We were proud of them for pressing forward and refusing to give up. We saw the Lord work in so many different ways, enabeling us to go from one set to the other.

Today (Sunday) we traveled back to Ndola. Tomorrow the team members are excited to go souvenir shopping and spend some time in town just relaxing. On Wednesday we plan to travel to Livingston to go sightseeing.

Thanks for all your prayers!!


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  1. So very proud of you all, I knew you would get that bridge done! Love and continued prayers to you all!
    Pam Gabriel

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