Greetings from cool, breezy Canada!

Team shares at Canada Camp Outlook open house

Team shares at Canada Camp Outlook open house

Greetings from cool, breezy CANADA!

Our days have been busy with scraping and painting the outlaying buildings. They have also been cutting trees and brush and general cleanup. We are sprucing up for the Camp Outlook Open House to be held this afternoon. Our TMI Canada Preteens are doing a 30 minute presentation of songs, puppets, skits, testimonies and a mime. They have been practicing all week and are working well as a team.

I surprised the girls this morning — my alarm clock said 6:30 am so I woke them all to get up. Then one of the girls asked what time it was — I looked at my watch — it was 4:30 am! I took a vote and we all went back to sleep! I gotta check that alarm clock!

The weather has been very nice … low 60’s at night and mid 80’s during the day. It’s rained a couple of times but not too bad!

Later …

We’ve finished with the Open House. There were over 50 people here that were not wearing TMI t-shirts! The Preteens did well — we were able to video the presentation.

Tomorrow we have plans to go to a local church in town where we will do a 15 minute presentation.

That’s all for now — Nancy



  1. Here it is Thursday and I am still crying tears of happiness and joy every time I think about the wonderful church service we attended this past Sunday at the Church of Christ in Outlook, SK with the Canada Camp Team. I was bursting with pride as I listened to the team sing, share scripture, testimonies, puppets, and skits. I truly have never heard more beautiful music than the voices of this team. Everyone in Outlook is so warm and welcoming of having TMI there and the work rehabilitating the camp. I thought we were sending the kids to TMI for their benefit, but this week I learned that as a parent I can also recieve so much from participating in the ministry of TMI and supporting the team. Praying for each of you, your leaders, the missionaries, and the people of Outlook, SK.

  2. We sure had a good time visiting the Canada Camp team!

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