Indiana sharing at fairs

Indiana Shares at Fairs

Indiana Shares at Fairs

After a safe arrival on Wed., July 14, the team settled in to life at TTT (Telling The Truth) ministries in Evansville, Indiana. The team is enjoying A-frame dorms after the tents at Boot Camp, and showers replace bucket baths! All the dirty clothes have been laundered in a machine. Good food is being prepared in a modern kitchen by the lady leaders.

On Thursday the team began what will be a fairly “normal” schedule – classes and personal devotions; preparation for afternoon/evening outreach at the fairs; library reading and free time all in the morning. The noon meal is the biggest, since we take food for supper to the fairs. This day the team was divided into 2 groups to go to fairs in different states. One group went to Booneville, TN, and the other went to Daviess County, KY. After arriving at the fairs a small tent was set up as a booth for TTT with a table on which igloos of ice water and cups are placed so people can come for a free drink. Team members were taught how to take a short survey asking questions about teenagers, which leads them to the opportunity to share the gospel. On this first night three people prayed to receive Christ at one fair, and six at the other. Both groups arrived back at the TTT base around 10:30 pm and shared briefly the victories and praised God for what He had done before going to bed.

After 8 hours of sleep, the team woke up on Friday refreshed for a Bible study on Phil. 2:1-11 and a good breakfast. Cowboy Lee Homoki, an evangelist from Michigan, shared a devotion in chapel before everyone had private devotions. Lee Homoki is here with 5 young people who are “cowpokes.” We are enjoying them, but they will leave for a camp on Sunday. We had the usual morning classes, as well as having team members write out their personal testimonies, which was a part of one of their classes at Boot Camp. In the afternoon the teams went to a different fair than they had gone to the day before. This evening found most of the team members more bold than the first night, as they were now used to the situation and had some practice the night before. There were a total of 18 decisions for Christ that evening. During the sharing back at TTT, nine team members shared that they led someone to Christ for the first time in their lives.

Saturday was a special day planned by TTT for youth of the area as well as our team and the group of cowpokes with Lee Homoki. All of us participated in teaching things as well as learning new skills. Our team taught some drama ideas they had learned from Boot Camp, and performed an evangelistic presentation for everyone. A Christian band was here as well, and in the evening rally for TTT there was a hiphop group from Liberty University that wowed everyone! Their message was very clear – salvation and purity of life. At the wrap-up one young girl from this area gave her life to Christ.

Plans for Sunday are to present at two churches in the morning and one in the evening.



  1. Great to hear you’re able to pass on the things you learned at boot camp and that your ministry is bringing people to Christ. Keep up the good work!

    -Dana and Dylan

  2. I hope Rebecca told everyone that Liberty U is her mom’s alma mater! Praying for you all everyday.

  3. Praying each day for you and your team. And for all the people you talk too.

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