Malawi Foot Washing I Settles In

Malawi Foot Washing I Settles In

Malawi Foot Washing I Settles In

Everything is going very well in Malawi! During our travel, we saw God working in many ways. In the Orlando airport, our bags were almost exactly 50 pounds. One was over and as we started to pray, the number on the scale changed to 50.0! God really worked out all of the details! We know He is still working on our luggage situation as we did not receive 18 of our bags, but God knew that we couldn’t fit any more on the bus/truck to the base. We are waiting to hear that our bags have arrived.

Our team has been very healthy. One team member had a little bit of motion sickness on the plane, but other than that, we have been doing very well!

The team traveled to Benga yesterday morning and I (Lindsey) went into Lilongwe to purchase our food. I will join them again this afternoon, so there may not be another report until we return from Benga next week.

The team has really grown together over Boot Camp and our time here so far. They enjoy being together and they sing any time they have a chance (including the entire 3 hour drive from the airport). They praise the Lord all the time. I am so thankful for each one of them and their desire to grow in the Lord!



  1. Hannah's Mom & Dad(Jill & Don)

    Oh Hannah my Hannah, we are so proud & honored to be your Mom & Dad! Amazing God brought all the bags together. Love to hear of the closeness of the team & the WORSHIP!! Am expecting marvelous testimonies!! WE’RE PRAYING!

  2. Friends of Eve and John

    We’re glad thier ok and we all know God will protect them through everything. Not at all are we surprised that they sing all the time because that’s all they do back home too. 🙂 God bless you!

  3. Rod and Donna Frey

    Oh we are soooo glad to have heard more! We will be praying for the missing luggage to show up when it is time…the singing is wonderful news…worship is a great way to prepare for
    “battle” and I am sure there will be battles to contend with…may the Lord be praised!!! Will wait anxiously and with great anticipation for the next report!!!

  4. Jenifer (Lauriana's mom)

    Lindsey, thank you for the detailed update. It is so good to hear stories and to formulate a clearer picture of what the team is doing. I can almost hear the singing!

    Please know the parents are praying about the luggage, and we hope you will have all you need to stay well and to accomplish your tasks.

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