Samoa in remote village

Samoa in remote village

Samoa in remote village

We just received a call from one of the leaders as they did not have access to the internet to send a report. The team is doing well and is in a remote village called Satitoa, which was effected by the tsunami. They have cleared land for a preschool to be rebuilt. They will start to lay forms for water tanks for various homes. They are also planning to work on a septic tank for a preschool. The team enjoyed a swim in the Pacific Ocean in a coral reef. Their location is overlooking the ocean. Everyone is healthy and doing fine.



  1. Looking forward to more updates if possible, but glad to hear every thing is going well so far! One problem, we had a letter returned with insufficient address. I hope the others got delievered. Peter’s going to think we forgot him. Continued prayers for saftey and God’s grace on all!

  2. So glad to hear all seems well! Praying that God will use them and mold them mightily this summer (or winter over there)!

  3. Karen Schneider

    It is great to hear updates, there are lots of us praying for the team. We miss our girl, but are excited that she is open to God using her.

  4. Thanks for the update. We are so thankful to hear. We looked it up and figured that Jeff is 9545 kms from us. Wow, it is all in God’s plan. We are praying for the team.

  5. thanks for your update… hi and much love to nick and friends!

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