The Uganda Team has safely arrived in Koboko

Uganda arrives in Koboko

Uganda arrives in Koboko

The Uganda Team has safely arrived in Koboko. Friday afternoon our plane landed at Entebbe airport. Immigration and customs went smoothly, and the TMI Uganda staff were waiting there to greet us. After stocking up on supplies, we spent the night in Kampala and boarded the northbound bus in the morning. For nine hours the team watched the beautiful Ugandan countryside flash past the bus windows. Baboons wandered onto the road, hippos lazily floated in the river and monkeys swung from the trees. Shortly before nightfall, the bus pulled up to the property. We moved into our rooms and begun making our little home for the next few weeks. In the morning, shortly after breakfast the team walked to a nearby church where they were able to put on a gospel presentation and meet some of the local believers. Tomorrow they will begin working on the building here at the Koboko property. Everyone is healthy and ready to begin the project. Thank you for all your prayers. God Bless.



  1. Mary Jane Helton

    We’re glad you got there safely. We are praying for you.

  2. Praise be to God.
    You guys will allways be safe and healthy as well in the name of the lord. Koboko is my home village, even though i dont live their now but i thrust my people, for they will take good care of you. May the blessing of the lord be upon you all as you start the project. Looking forward for the next update. In case of any need for help within the locality of Koboko….. I’m willing to assist where neccessary.
    God bless you all.

  3. Happy to hear everyone is safe and well!!! Lokking forward to another update soon!! God bless you all! We are praying for you daily!!

  4. Dear Uganda team,
    We are so thankful for your safety!!! Take good care of each other and continue lifting each other up as we know God will do with His word and the Holy Spirit. Please know you all are in our thoughts and prayers many times a day.

  5. Praise GOD for his goodness 🙂

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