Cold and wet in Peru!

Cold and wet in Peru!

Cold and wet in Peru!

Greetings! It is Sunday July 18th and it is COLD in Pulcallpa! The weather is not at all normal for this time of the year according to the local people. We have also had a good amount of rain. They are jokingly accusing us of bringing it with us from Lima.

We are all adjusting to the different pace of life in Pucallpa. The only thing that is certain about our schedule is that it won´t be the same tomorrow! The TMI concept of on time is late and early is on time, does not apply here. But we are learning to go with the flow and make it work.

Progress on the project has been slow due to the rain. We were able to get supplies and dig the foundation for the church. But once the rains started, and we mean raining heavy all night with no stopping, the project site is a giant mud hole. We have truly developed a hatred for clay based mud. It is on everything! Today has been dry, so we hope to be tying rebar tomorrow and getting more accomplished.

God is good and even though progress has been slow on the church, we have had great opportunities for evangelism. Friday the team went to a public school and did a presentation. They were overwhelmed at the response! The kids were so excited for them to be there. They all wanted to touch them and get their autographs. We think the experience really opened their eyes to why we are here and how many kids need to be reached. We go back to the school on Monday to present to the younger grades. We are also

scheduled for two presentations on Thursday at day camps for kids. One is a camp for handicap children. We shared with the youth from the El Shaddai Church last night and this morning and again this evening. The Peruvian kids are so happy just to spend time with the team, doing wordless bracelets or playing soccer. Be sure and tell Bob they love the ball caps and dolls!

Our accommodations are small, but when we know that the church body worked to raise the money for the nails, boards and tin roof, just for us, we are humbled. We hope the team is becoming more aware of how truly blessed we are in America!

On Saturday afternoon we had the opportunity to walk to the river and take a boat ride across to an exotic zoo. Many of the team chose to have their picture taken with an anaconda! We saw many unique animals. It was a fun afternoon.



  1. Stephanie Powell

    We are so thankful to hear that the team is doing well and learning lots. We are praying that you all will be salt and light. I’m sure Stephen was one of the kids that got his picture taken with the anaconda. We are glad you are getting to experience another culture. We pray for you everyday. Keep up the good work…

  2. Sara that weather must feel like home. That clay in the hands of a potter and fired in a kiln becomes a useful vessel for the creator. I pray that you will all be aware of the Masters hands as he shapes your life. There is a lesson in that mud. God Bless.

  3. That is so cool that things are going better. I’ll be praying that your team has a huge impact on the youth in the church as well as the surrounding area. Maybe the mud is an opportunity to do things not planned by us, but appointed by God to do His work that He has planned. Speak God’s truth in love to people who need to hear about Jesus.

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