Bulgaria visits town of Bansko

Bulgaria playing volleyball
Bulgaria playing volleyball

On Saturday, 7/17/2010, the team went to the nearby resort town of Bansko to do some souvenier shopping. That was one of our highlights as well as having our Sunday noontime meal provided by one of the families from the church (at their own expense).

The team continues to play sports and other games with the local children and teens, though some team members, after three weeks, are starting to run out of steam. Weather continues mostly hot, sunny, and dry, though a thunderstorm last night (7/18) watered everything, cooled it off a bit, and leaked pretty badly into a couple of our rooms.

The weather continues hot, sunny, and dry, though we did have a thunderstorm last night (7/18). It not only watered everything and cooled it off a bit, it also caused the roof to leak badly in a couple of our rooms.

Our goal for this, our last week in Bulgaria, is to continue as we are able with evangelism and sports as well as preparing for our return to Florida for Debrief.

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  1. Many prayers going up for all of you in the heat of it all.

    Press on!

    Soon you’ll be exchanging the heat and storms of Bulgaria for those of South Florida!

    Looking forward to having you home.

    Many blessings.

    ~Whitney Cabrera

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