Philippines arrives!

Philippines has arrived

Philippines has arrived

The Philippines team has arrived safely at the beautiful Philippines base and with all of our luggage. After four and a half days of travel, we are glad to finally be here and able to bathe. While traveling, we had several long layovers. In the Hong Kong airport, many team members decided to try the local cuisine and enjoyed it. During our day in Cebu, we were able to visit the local, westernized, mega-mall. Our most interesting form of travel was the eleven-hour ferry ride to Nasipit. We stayed in a communal bunk room with AC, and no one got seasick.

Upon arrival, it was raining a little, but we managed to get everything inside dry. To our surprise, we were asked to do a brief presentation at the church here on the base only 15 minutes after arriving!! We had no time to bathe or even change our clothes, and were graciously excused from the rest of the service so we could clean up and settle in. We did several songs and Elijah gave a testimony. In the evening, the Bible school students did a presentation for the team and then requested a presentation from them, without any warning at all! It was a good thing we had time to prepare for presentations at Boot Camp! The students also treated us to a snack of local exotic fruits.

The team is looking forward to starting the work project, but they are most excited to get to know the students and locals, especially the children.



  1. We are so proud of our granddaughter, Larissa, for following God’s calling in her heart. God bless all of you and keep you safe.

  2. So good to here from the team. It is awesome how God arranged your training at boot camp to prepare the team for those quick presentation. We will continue to pray daily for the team. Ben Heier, we are praying for you daily. God has equipped you for this summer. God has surrounded you with teenagers and leaders that will help you grow in the Lord. Love Dad.

  3. Juana Hernandez

    We are praying for you all.. especially for you my son ..Elijah.
    Love, Mom

  4. Juana Hernandez

    Yay !!! ! You all finally made it !! Praise God. It’s so nice and exciting to hear that you’ve arrived and the people there were so excited to hear what you all had to say. Keep taking that GOOD NEWS

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