Zambia Drill arrives

Zambia Drill arrives

Zambia Drill arrives

Greetings from Zambia Drill team,

We last left you with success in packing up the team ready to head to the airport.

We were up at 4:30 and ready to start walking over to load up on the bus. We were pulling out of the parking lot at 5:30. Arriving at the airport we needed to carry our bags up to the 3rd floor. We made it in good time as MSSM Orphan Angels was helping us and we were helping them. They set up a special counter for our group and we were able to check our luggage all the way to Lusaka. We were all through and heading for security by around 8:00 We got settled in at the gate and the team members starting making their phone calls home. I think everyone got through but some said they didn’t have a good connection or the phone cards ate all their money. But hopefully you all got to hear their voices. It was a full flight to Washington D.C. and we were kinda of all together. Arriving in Washington D.C. we had to get a few boarding tickets and then it was on to our gate. The team had an opportunity to call again and did a little looking around and grabbing that one last snack.

Now we were really on our way to Africa boarding the South Africa plane. They served us our first meal. Tabby who is gultien intolerant was given a guliten intolerant meal, there was a passenger that didn’t show up so that was pretty neat. The Lord was taking good care of that detail. We all pretty much slept off and on. We landed in Dakar and had refueling and then it was off again, a meal and some more sleep. Arriving in Joberg at 5:00 in the evening we went directly to the International Transfers. We could not get our boarding passes until 5:00 the next morning so we went upstairs where all the shops were. The team had a chance to look around and see if there was anything that they would want to get on the way home. We were able to get caught up on our memory verses and then some short devotions and then everyone was ready for some rest. However, the air conditioning made it a little cool. The girls all kind of huddled together. Everyone was wide awake at midnight so the team just spent time talking. At 5:00 we were headed back to get our boarding passes. It was a bit of a wait, but finally it was time to get our backpacks and head to the boarding area. It was a full plane once again, but we were able to be mostly together. Arriving in Lusaka our last flight was around 1:00. The Immigrations officals allowed us to get our visas as a group. While that was being done the team was able to start getting all of our luggage together. Every single piece arrived and we are so thankful for it all coming at once. The customs officals only looked at about 3 bags and then we were allowed to exit. Our drivers were outside waiting for us so we loaded all the bags on the truck and our carryons went into the back of the bus. We were able to exchange a little money at the airport as tomorrow would be Sunday. We went to a grocery store to purchase some food for dinner and then for breakfast. The team was able to taste a meat pie. We then were able to travel to the church where we would be staying overnight. The worship team was practicing so we had to wait until 7:00 to get into the church. It was a quick unload of all our bags, finding our sleeping bags and then as soon as possible lights out. The girls slept on the stage while the guys had the benches. Our day begain at 5:30. Packing our things back into the duffle bag and then onto truck and back into the bus. We were on the road by 6:00. About 8:00 we stopped for a toliet break and then breakfast. Back on the road again arriving in Ndola around 10:30. We had to stop and get a few things for lunch at the grocery store and then onto the base. Unloading the truck, bringing to the kitchen the canned goods, settling into the tent, lunch, devotions, bathing, practicing the drill as the team would be sharing in the BMW devotions at night, dinner and then sharing with the students. They really seemed to enjoy the drill and then they sang 4 Bimba songs for them which they also enjoyed. A quick sharing time with the team and then it was off for a early night.

Everyone is doing fine. Jennifer is doing very good, she did get to meet Dorah and their little baby. C. J. is managing really good with all the girls. Stacey did a great job calling out the drill formations tonight. Helen, Vanessa and Emily seem to always have something to laugh about. Lydia always seem to be first arrival for whatever we have planned.

All our healthy, all are looking forward to heading to our project site on Tuesday.

All for now.

Zambia drill team



  1. Gary an Rachel Mast

    WOW it sounds like you guys are having a great trip so far and God is working like only He can.
    Great to hear all is well.We will keep praying for you guys!!Tell Jennifer we love her and her cats and dog are doing just fine:) Keep Smiling!! God bless…

  2. It was great hearing about the team. We are glad to hear everyone is doing well & are healthy. We are praying for you guys and so is our whole church. Please tell Vanessa “we are all thinking about you, everyone is asking about how your doing & is praying for you.We love you & can’t wait to see you come back.” Vanessa has always enjoyed laughing. Keep up the good work Zambia Drill Team.

  3. We are praying for the entire team. Thanking God for his safety and provision. Love to our Emily Grace!

  4. Karl Jr. Francis

    It is amazing to hear that God has blessed you all with wonderful team members. I thank Him that you all have arrived safely and we continue to pray that God will give you strength throughout the trip and his peace, patience, grace, and love will lead you and allow you to serve faithfully the people of Ndola, Zambia. I pray for my wife Stacy as she leads as well that God will use her mightily to empower the other leaders and I pray that they will continue to be a blessing to her as well. Thank God for a successful training session and for the committed and faithful workers of Teen Missions who provide a fruitful and worthwhile experience for all who attend these missions. Please send Stacy my love and please let the team know that we as a community will continue to pray for them.

  5. Love and prayers for the team from Lydia’s grandparents.

  6. Joann & Don Felker

    Love and prayers to the team from Lydia’s grandparents. Loved getting the update.

  7. SOOOO good to hear you all have arrived safe and sound. I’ve been checking each day. Yeah, our Lydia always was an early bird – watch out because she’ll wilt on you in the evening!

  8. Cynthia Calloway

    Grandma is glad to hear about CJ and the team. We are sorry we did not get to hear his voice. I pray all is well. I know that he will be a blessing to the mission. Tell him we are following every piece of news and we are praying for you all!

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