Lots of work to do in Uganda

team working on pavilion

team working on pavilion

From all directions the rattle of a wheelbarrow, the pounding of a hammer and the clanking of shovels can be heard as the team continues construction on the new Bible, Missionary and Work Training Center here in Koboko. It has been a great blessing for all of us to get to know and work with TMI staff Dennis and Joko as well as Peter our missionary. Peter has been very helpful to us and the team enjoys his presence.

The foundations for two new buildings are being dug. The foundations of the first two buildings were made from bricks. We plan to begin laying this rock wall foundation for the next two adjacent buildings either Wednesday or Thursday. The team is focusing more on the foundations than the pavilion right now because the foundations were not completed as was originally thought. They are continuing work on the pavilion as well, but there is much work to be done. At least a third of the foundations for the pavilion still need built.

Yesterday, the team visited the police headquarters in Koboko by request of the head office. The officer in charge shared some of the recent history of the area with the team and the current political situation. The officer also warmly thanked the team for coming to Koboko and helping the local people. He expected that the team’s presence would make a positive impact on the community.

Koboko is larger than a village, but could definitely not carry the title of a city. All the roads are dirt, and the only electricity in the community comes from generators. There are numerous shops and roadside stands along the streets as well as a few clinics, schools and government buildings. The weather here is very pleasant. The evenings and mornings are cool and the daytime hours are warm. It has rained daily since our arrival. The health of the team is generally good.

One of our challenges here has been the water supply. We have been collecting rain water and filtering that, as it is much cleaner than our other water source.

Yesterday afternoon, some of the orphan children in the area came and visited the team. The team members really enjoyed talking with them and sharing the Word of God with them. The team is preparing for a weekend of outreach. Pray that the people here would be receptive to the gospel.



  1. Tracey Campbell

    Not 100% sure, but I think the small one in the black pants is Oisin. She is the smallest on the team!! Then to the left of Oisin I think maybe that is Cathrine? Not sure though. Can’t quite tell who the others are.

  2. Richard Calvert

    What a great team! Doing hard work with smiles on their faces!

  3. Can anyone tell who the kids are in this pic? Is there a way to enlarge it?

  4. will keep praying… Blessings to all- Love to Turner!

  5. Love hearing the news!! Looking forward to more. Sending prayers for safety, good health and unity your way!! (Special prayers for Sarah Smith!)

  6. So wonderful to see the team in action … Thank you for the update … Continuing to pray for you all !

  7. My prayers are with all the team in Uganda. Keep doing God’s work. He is very pleased with all of you.

  8. Tracey Campbell

    Thanks again for sharing so quickly!! Its so good to get news of what the team is doing! Praying for you all daily!!

  9. Hi Team,
    It’s great to get another update so soon. It looks like a lot of backbreaking work, but it’s nice to hear that the weather isn’t as hot as expected. We will pray for strength, continued rain water or a better water supply, and that lives will be changed as you share your hearts with the people there. Remember – with God at your side, you can accomplish anything!
    Darlene and Jeff Clark

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