Malawi FWI Bags have arrived

Malawi FWI Bags have arrived

Malawi FWI Bags have arrived

We’ve made it! Thank you, Jesus! We are at our first village of Benga. We had a 2 hour bumpy, dusty, truck ride from the TMI base in Chipoka. It was an experience of a lifetime. We were greeted by tons of children. They are so cute, of course. Our daughter, Jazzy, is 5 and was a little overwhelmed at first. The missionary said they probably never saw a white child before. They just touched her and her hair but within 5 minutes they were all friends. The team was in love at first sight with the children. On Sunday, Jimmy took the team on a 1 and 1/2 hour walk to church where he preached his first sermon.

Our tent village is going well, except for the ants that arrived in the middle of the night. Pray they look for new places to explore! As far as our squattie potties we are all adjusting fine. Jimmy had some of the team cut off the bottom of buckets so we can sit down if it’s our desire!

Today, we started our projects in the morning. The team started building a swing set, it will have swings, slides and monkey bars. We can’t wait to watch their faces the first time they get to use it! Pray we can get it finished in a week! This afternoon we started washing the feet of the orphans. The care and compassion our team has for these young ones is incredible! There was a young girl with cerebral palsy that we were able to find a pair of shoes to fit, after about 10 pairs and much prayer! It is precious to watch the faces of these children as they receive the shoes!

The weather has been beautiful, very breezy and cool. The nights get a little chilly.

Our bags have arrived at the TMI base! Praise the Lord!!! We will not receive them until we get back in a few days. The Lord has provided and we continue to trust Him for everything!

Healthwise, everyone is doing pretty well. Please continue to pray for good health!

Next Monday we move to our second village, Mangochi. Please pray that we let Jesus shine through us at every moment. In Mangochi there are 2 million people and only about 20 Christians that they know of.

As far as emailing, we are not sure when the next time will be because we are very remote. We will try our best to find communication. God is amazing and we can’t wait to see all He has planned for us.

As leaders we can’t stop thanking Jesus for such a wonderful team. They are amazing with great hearts!

Thank you so much to everyone who is praying for us and for everyone who helped us all get here!


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  1. Hannah's Mom & Dad(Jill & Don)

    Love hearing of their ” CARE & COMPASSION” for the little ones! Yo go Malawi!!!!

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