Malawi FWII receives duffels, too!

Malawi FWII receives duffels, too!

Malawi FWII receives duffels, too!

The team had a great opportunity to mingle with the Melisa Foster Memorial Orphan Rescue Unit kids and had a good time with them. They were trying to learn each other’s names, playing games together, singing songs and sharing the Gospel through all.

The next day was the travel day for our team to Mangochi. All set up was done well, and the team was in a good cheer, worked together. They went to bed before 8 o’clock!

The next day we worked on the goat pen and the fence in the morning and after lunch we had a class together with the Chiyao BMW Campers on how to share a salvation testimony. We started washing feet in the afternoon around 3:30. We had about 30 kids who got shoes this day. Bri, one of the lady leaders, was doing a really good job in the kitchen for her first time in the village. She kept it going and the food was delicious.

It got really overwhelming by 5 o’clock at night as the sun was going down and more and more people were trying to get the shoes out of the building through the windows where we were sorting them, so we had to pack them back into duffels for the night and kept telling the crowd to back up.

In the meantime Mathew got a phonecall from the airport at 11 o’clock to come for the duffels that day or they might not be OK overnight at the airport. It meant to drive more than 5 hours one way to the airport. When he arrived they told him to wait for another flight, which put him back to arriving to Chipoka to the base by 9 o’clock and slept there, and came to the team to Mangochi the next morning.

The next day they had devotions, bath and laundry and freetime right away in the morning before the crowd found us. They were practicing for EV for the rest of the morning in the areas of puppet, drill, songs, testimonies and sharing the Gospel through EV tools.

The results of our efforts were awesome. The team had a presentation after which 41 kids accepted the Lord as their personal Lord and Saviour, about 60 kids got shoes this afternoon and – this is the best – Chief Chikwathu, the man we have been praying for and Mr. Bland talked to when he was here, accepted Christ today!!!

The team went to greet him, sang some songs and the chief welcomed us with words. Then Mathew thanked him, and then the chief said that “Now, I am ready to accept Christ.” What a joy to see his heart turn to Jesus after just listening to the Proclaimer, the Chiyao audio New Testament, that we gave him to listen to 7 months ago!

Mathew asked if he could send the team back to our site to eat supper, and him and Robert, the translater and facilitator of Heart of Faith Unit stayed there and explained the Gospel to him. Robert prayed with him in Chiyao. This is a very-very thick muslim area and all chiefs are basically muslim. This is such a great breakthrough to see the chief of our Rescue Unit area turn to Christ. We have to pray for his safety and his growth in Christ that he could be strong to withstand the pressure of his subjects and fellow chiefs.


Lord willing we are going to leave for House of Joel Rescue Unit after finishing at Heart of Faith. Hopefully we will finish the goatpen for them, and do some work on the fence. We are going to have 1 night when both FW teams are in Mangochi, as we have only 1 truck and 1 driver transporting both. As I said we are not planning to come to town or to the base for at least one week. So in other words we are not able to write or read emails for about 8 days. Thank you for your prayers.



  1. Hannah's Mom & Dad(Jill & Don)


  2. The Atchinson Family

    Thank you for the thorough update on the team. We are praying for all of you. We are also praying for Chief Chikwathu. That is amazing! God bless you!

  3. Very exciting report!!!

  4. Praise the Lord! I am so excited for this team and the people they are ministering to. What an awesome God we serve!

  5. Praise the Lord. He looks after all things! Bless you all.

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