OA II goes to the bush

OA II goes to the bush

OA II goes to the bush

Greetings to all of our fantastic OA MSSM II parents,

We are preparing to go out into the bush and begin our ministry with the precious little orphans and serve our awesome God with the MSSM circuit riders.

Ester, Jeanna,, Savannah, Breanna, Joel, Bob, Drew, Scotty, Donovan, Kristen, Christine, and Joe send their love and we are doing well. We are excited about ministering with the MSSM circuit riders – Eric and Joseph. Since we are going out into the bush, this will be our last message until we go to town and find an internet cafe plus do our shopping for supplies – most likely in a week or so. We love your precious teens who are a fantastic team. Thank you for praying for us – you are a vital member of our team – Thank You. Love and hugs from OA MSSM II.



  1. Scotty, praying for you and your team. Can’t wait to hear how what God is doing during this trip.

  2. Scotty, you have a whole churchfull of people praying for you daily back home!! I’m so excited that you are doing this right now and can only imagine the adventures you are having!! That being said, we do miss you and can’t wait until you come home and tell us everything! God bless you and your team! 🙂

  3. We pray for you daily that God will richly bless you and keep you in His care. Give your all to God, in faith, and He WILL multiply the fruitfullness of your efforts beyond all you could imagine! God’s Peace and Blessing be on each of you accourding to His love!

  4. we are so proud of you guys. we are praying for each of you by name daily. Your right tim seeing your children go out in their own faith is so amazing!!!! thank you parents for your faithful support of this team!!!

  5. There is no greater thrill than living out your faith except when a parent gets to see their children living out their faith! Praying for you daily. Thank you Joe, Kristin & Christine for your leadership and love for our kids.

  6. Go give ’em Heaven!

    -Dana and Dylan

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