First few days on the field for Honduras Preteen

Honduras Preteen Presentation

Honduras Preteen Presentation

We have had difficulties getting off emails but Praise the Lord, Mr. Maher (of the Geek Squad in FL) has figured out a way to send a text document from a cell phone. The cable has been cut here at the Honduras base–they say it will be fixed—tomorrow—and have been saying just that for 3 days.

Tuesday July 13 was our settle in day. And the day to do laundry–wow the clothes from Boot Camp were dirty! The team is excited to have dorms, a dining room to eat meals in–cold showers, toilets and Mrs. Maher loves the kitchen. It is really a beautiful property complete with many varieties of birds, butterflies and trees.

The Teen Horseback team was with us here at the base for two days and Mrs. Maher cooked for them all. We began practicing for our programs as we found out on arrival that we had one program scheduled for Friday at a local elementary school and on Saturday at the bilingual high school.

The 12 boys on the team are fascinated with all the bugs, spiders, frogs..etc on the base. We have declared a no touch policy which disappointed them until one of the staff children was playing with a caterpillar and it stung him. The way that boy screamed it was positive re-enforcement that we did know what we were talking about. As leaders it was a good illustration—by the way the boy is fine.

On Wednesday we worked half a day on our project of building a road and the team was terribly muddy. It rains daily.

We also started learning Spanish puppets. The team loves it. Kyla, Will, Josiah, Aminda, McKenna, Natalie, Tanner, Jared and Luke are our dancers and Christian, Caleb, Isiarah & Chris are puppeteers. Tyler, Jeremiah, Rebekah, Jacob, and Amanda are learning both parts. The excitement of the day was when the boys found a snake in the bathroom—a very small friendly snake. Jeremiah had devos this night and did a great job sharing.

Thursday the Teens left at 6:00 AM and we have the place to ourselves. We worked on the road which is muddy muddy work. When they come in it takes two rinses and then sanitizing to get them ready to eat meals. We had to make a cardboard trail to walk on to keep the floors clean. Caleb and McKenna loved KP and Caleb turned out to be a great potato slicer. Chris had devos at night.

Friday we practiced our program before loading the team into the TMI truck to head to the program at the school. The program went very well and was so well received. Tanner shared his testimony, they sang and did puppets. The Spanish children loved the puppets. The boys loved the ride in the truck and the opportunity to play a bit of soccer with the students at the school. After lunch we went back to the worksite until 5.At 6:30 we had joint evening service with the Hondurian BMW students and EV ministry.

We do not have a library here that is in English====So every night Mrs. Maher shares about a different people group in the world and then we pray for that people group. Last night we learned about the Gypsies of Europe and the Zulu of South Africa. The team is really enjoying this time.

With 12 little boys we are constantly on the watch for stick sword fights, trying to pick up bugs and tons of energy. The head leaders wish they had half of that energy. The team is coming together and we are enjoying getting to know each one individually.

Thanks parents for all your prayers we sure can tell you are holding us up!!!!



  1. So happy for a detailed update. How did we survive before the internet? We continue to pray without ceasing for our grandson, Jared, and for all the other team members. This is an experience of a lifetime for them as they grow in faith and learn to serve Jesus with hearts and hands and lips. God’s grace be multiplied in your remaining days there.

  2. Thank you for the update and all the great details. We are so excited for you all and praying daily. Our pastor called for an update yesterday and the church in Fallon, Nevada is keeping the team in prayer!

  3. Summer Pansariang

    The updates are great! Thanks for keeping us up to date on what the team is doing and sharing a lot of the details! We are all praying for the team. My son, Josiah, is on the team and I am sure he is quite excited about some of the various wildlife that they have found there… 🙂 Thanks again and we will keep you all in our prayers!

  4. Jan and Dee Bryson

    Oh how wonderful to get such a vivid update!! I wish I could see Tanner on the dancing team (what a sight for my eyes) and we are so grateful he has had an opportunity to share his testimony. I’m sure he is one of the ones who wants to examine every bug and creature, especially the snakes. Just tell him to take lots of pictures!! We are praying for cooperative weather for the work project and are so excited to hear about the opportunities to share the love of Jesus. Much love to everyone and God’s blessings!!
    Jan and Dee Bryson

  5. Thank you so much for this update. It sounds like the kids are well cared for and enjoying each experience. We are certainly praying many times a day for safety and joy for all. All our love to Natalie and the team. We are glad to hear that she is learning so much and able to use her dancing talents.
    God bless. Suzanne, John and Daniella Harvey

  6. Debbie Todhunter

    What a great report! You have a way with writing an exciting, detailed update which really gives a great picture to all who read it. (you should give a class in update-writing to all the leaders!) Thank you!

  7. I am so glad to hear from you guys. Christian and Caleb are my boy’s and I’m so proud of them I can’t stand it!!! Thank You Lord Jesus!!!!!!

  8. Caroline Rodgers

    Praying and Praising God! He is so very faithful!

  9. Patti Schatzmann

    thanks for the reports!! Praying for you all..our daughter Amanda is w/ the big teens in the mountains. So excited for all the work you guys are doing in Honduras. To GOD be the glory for the great things HE is doing w/ American youth in Honduras.

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