Madagascar shares with BMW students

Madagascar shares with BMW students

Madagascar shares with BMW students

Hello again! As our week has progressed here in Madagascar the team has been able to begin working on our project. Yesterday the team was able complete most of the roof of one of the staff houses as well as the base for the floor, concrete is next to come. The team has been adjusting well to our new and quite rural surroundings, although the nightly rain has been an obstacle to overcome as our tents tend to collect some of the water. Apparently the rain that did not fall at Boot Camp was waiting for us here in Madagascar! The team has had the privilege of participating in the nightly worship time of the Teen Missions BMW students which has given the team a new insight and perspective of other cultures worshiping the same God. Please continue to pray for the health and spirit of our team. You are all in our thoughts and prayers!



  1. Nathan's parents

    Thanks so much for the update. Glad to hear about the progress being made. We pray for good health, good teamwork, safety, heart learning, good sleep, blue skies, and a healthy sense of humor
    ! Bien affectueusement en Christ –

  2. Levi Lafortune's Parents

    What an exciting team you have! So remote and adventurous, just what we were hoping for! Glad to hear construction is going so well, and Levi can use his skills. Africa is blessed to have you. May you learn much from this amazing culture. Blessings to you all!

  3. Nadine Kundert's Parents

    It is great to hear that you worked together and completed the roof. Each of us parents will be thrilled to have our children back … and now they will know how to work. We love you and pray for all of you daily.

  4. Brian and Rhonda Carver

    Our love and prayers go out to the entire Madagascar Team.

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