Work continues for Honduras Preteen

Work continues for Honduras Preteen

Work continues for Honduras Preteen

Saturday July 17

We worked half a day on the road project and at 2:00 we put on our TMI T-shirts and headed to the secondary school in Santa Cruz for a program. We did a program and gave an invitation 5 accepted Christ as Savior! After the presentation the boys played soccer by dividing up with the nationals and the girls worked with the national girls making crafts. It was a fun day.

Sunday July 18

After breakfast we loaded up and headed to a local church. We really enjoyed the service which Mr. Norman translated for us. The afternoon was spent doing verse review, we had a bug bite inspection of arms and washed everyone with antibacterial soap and applied lotion.

In the evening we had fun night. These kids are so creative. We divided into 4 teams and they had to act out different objects or Bible stories–we laughed long and hard. We closed the evening with prayer and songs.

Monday July 20

We were awakened in the night when the dog when crazy barking at the neighbors cows who got on the property and were in the front yard eating the flowers. The kids worked hard this day. We finally got the delivery of the gravel for the road. Mr. Maher loves driving the tractor. It rains every afternoon and the bugs are bad. Everyone is covered in bites. We are working hard at keeping the bites clean. The highlight of the day was a visit to the base store for cokes and candy bars.

Tuesday July 21

Another day of work. The kids are making visible progress on the road and the gutter ditches. The Hondurian BMW students made yucca for us for supper along with the rest of our meal which was hot dogs, chili, and watermelon. Yucca is a root veggie and tasted like french fries–they loved it.

The boys continue to be fascinated with all the wildlife here. They love scaring the girls with the various bugs. The team is learning to get along with one another and boy can they eat! Daily for us is washing faces, checking bug bites and encouraging everyone to locate all their stuff. The kids are doing well with Bible memory and they are asking really good questions in Bible study classes. We are becoming a family.

We praise the Lord for HIS faithfulness and Grace. Thank you for your prayers.



  1. Ben’s Mom shared this link with us. You guys are awesome! You are doing great work for the Lord and I am sure growing within yourselves. My mother-in-law was a missionary in China most of her adult life, it sounds like you all are experiencing the joys and tribulations of serving the Lord as she did.

  2. It is really great to hear about all the experiances our kids are having. We certainly anticipated the bugs. However it sounds worse than we imagined. I am truely amazed by our children. “many are called but few are chosen” I will continue to pray for endurance and wisdom for the leaders, and continued growth for the children in Chist Jesus. I will also begin to pray for some relief from the biting insects and healing upon all the bites. Many blessings to you all.

  3. Another fantastic report! Thank you so much for thinking of us here at home and giving so many details. Jeremiah has that anti-itch cream in his things I packed, hope he can find it and that it works, In the future I think I will pack a long sleeve tee even for the hot climates since it would give more protection from the bug bites, Praying for you daily.

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