Canada Preteen enjoys wildlife!

Canada painting cabins

Canada painting cabins

The Canada Preteen Team is doing a stupendous job in getting their projects done. Since our last report, we’ve painted the porch floors, and steps of the most of the cabins–slowed down only by bee nests. Mr. Greg (TM Canada staff) came to the rescue and killed the bees so we should able to finish the porch floors soon–hurray! We began to empty one of the cabins so we can paint the inside.

Another ongoing project is to clear brush and the branches from around the cabins and the tool shed behind the kitchen. They even dug out the tree roots in the space behind the shed in hopes that it won’t grow back (future site of the plagues for the OC). Brush and tree branches were hauled to another location on the property.

Peeling paint was scraped from the cabin porches (before painting!) and steps, the back wall of the kitchen and from the tool shed. A first coat of paint was put on the kitchen wall and they started painting the tool shed.

Today the team is working on future OC by digging a hole for the slough of despond. Last night, after evening devotions, we had an Encouragment Circle where we tossed a ball (made of plastic grocery sacks). Each person had to say an encouraging thing about the person they tossed the ball to. Everyone enjoyed the Encouragment Circle and are looking forward to doing it again. God is at work in our team–we enjoy our daily devotions (morning and evening), Bible Studies and prayer time. He is growing us closer to Him and to each other.


Last night was really cool becasue when my friend Abbey and I came back from the bathroom we saw a deer and I got really scared because we thought there were more, but thankfully there was only one. And it was a doe so it wasn’t all that bad. I guess that is why we felt something was following us.


Yesterday, when I was pulling brush, a gopher came out and jumped on my canteen, then it chased me. Then I chased it :), but at the end of the day the same gopher was eating and bringing food to it’s family.


My highlight is that whenever I work we do something fun! I like painting and I like doing KP and building the OC, or starting to build it. That is my highlight.


My highlight that I enjoyed working on building the OC and the food. I also enjoyed the setting here, seeing the bridge every morning and the scenery.

Wildlife in Canada

Wildlife in Canada



  1. Hey Abbey, Hope your having a wonderful time. Can`t wait to see you in October. Proud of you. Love you.

  2. peter and Elena Demos

    Hi Grandkiddos,

    This is your PoP talking. It is warm & humid here in New Hampshire. It sounds like you are enjoying Canada! Did you know we have family in Victoria, British Columbia?? Cathy Grant is a distant cousin(related through my mother’s family-the Hamills who came from Scotland, some going to the USA and some to westerrn Canada.)
    Also, Aunt Michelle’s grandfather was Cqnqdian and served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. So you see, it is a small world. Hope you are both healthy and happy, God bless.

    Love, Pop and Gradma Murphy

  3. Yay Canada Camp! Sounds like everyone is having a wonderful getting their mission projects done.
    Abbey, we love you and are so proud of you!!
    Blessings & Love,
    Jessica Capers

  4. Alethia (Demos) Rigsby

    Hi Peter and Elena, Just sent you a letter today hope it gets there in time! I bet you are enjoying the cool weather it is very hot here in Pittsburgh. I am sure God is pouring out tons of blessing on you (and your whole team) this summer as you obey His call to go to Canada. Love, Alethia

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