China continues to do well

China continues to do well

China continues to do well

Greetings from “Little Cow Stop”, the village where we are residing here in China. The team continues to do well and work hard. It has been amazing to watch them grown in their walks with the Lord!

Work projects are progressing. We are continuing to paint classrooms and tear out tile. The pond is finished and has a lining, plastic and water. It is being surrounded by rocks and plants. We have to wait about a week to put in the fish. The team is also building picnic benches and a “Pergola” for the patio area.

We had the privilege of having the director of Evergreen and his wife (along with the missionary’s family) visit yesterday for lunch. We feasted on Pizza Pockets, fresh veggies and chocolate cake. Too bad the director did not eat anything with wheat in it. He did seem to enjoy the pizza sauce :). They were impressed with the work that has been accomplished here and also with the attitudes of the team members. Many had told Greg (our missionary) that he was crazy to take on 20 American teenagers, but he has enjoyed every minute he has spent here with the team. It is odd to see all the nationals on their cell phones and walking around the work site after not seeing that at Boot Camp!

The missionary and his family has invited the team for dinner tonight. We (especially the lady leaders) are REALLY excited about that!

Due to the logistics involved and not enough registrations, camp for next week has been cancelled. We will continue with our work projects and will have more time to prepare for the camp the last week we are here. The camp will be made available to poorer children from a village called “Creepy Ditch”.

The team gets up at 5:30. Then we have game time (cat and mouse, red light/green light, etc) for a few minutes before library reading. After library reading, we have breakfast and then devotions. Then it is back to work until lunch. Following lunch, we have Bible Study and free time, then back to work again until 5. Clean-up follows before dinner. After dinner, we have free time, GG classes and evening devotions. Our days are busy and we all look forward to bed time (especially the leaders).

The weather has been hot during the day. Sometimes we can see the mountains in the distance, but usually it is too smoggy. The evenings cool down. Occasionally, we experience rain.

Here are a couple of testimonies:

Katie O: China, though we have been here since the 14th, it has already made an lasting impact on my life. When I signed up for this team, I was doubtful that I was called here. I know that God was calling me here, but I wanted to go back to Malawi. I didn’t want what God wanted for me. In fact, for awhile, I was angry at Him for closing the doors to the country I had fallen in love with last summer. As Boot Camp approached, I realized that I was going to China. That thought began to excite me more and more. I grew less and less doubtful as I met my team and began to see that my place was with this team. I fit in so well. Now, there is absolutely no doubt that this is the team with which I belong. I have been blessed and I am so thankful that God put me on this team. I will work my hardest, encourage my team mates and do everything for His glory! (For you Julie :)).

Hannah D.: Since I’ve come to China and had this TMI experience, God has just really been teaching me to trust HIm and to never take my eyes off of Him. In Matthew 14:28-31, it talks about when Peter stepped out in faith, but took his eyes off of Jesus and began to drown. And this is what happens to us so often when we take our eyes

off of God and we began to drown. When we do take our eyes off of Him and begin to sink, we need to remember to call upon His Name because He is mighty to save. This is sort of, in a nutshell, what God has been showing me while I have been in China.

Again, thank you for all your prayers! They are making a difference.



  1. Sounds like China team is having a good experience in being “flexible” to follow the LORD’s agenda for their service. Good postings.

  2. Rod and Donna Frey

    LOVE the real time updates! Can’t wait to hear how the international dinner went??

  3. Mrs Simpson, Alisha's grandma

    What awesome reports ! THANK YOU LEADERS for being there for the teens to grow in such Good ways ! and to TMI and all the donors Too !!!

  4. It’s encouraging to read these individual testimonies! And I appreciate knowing what the team’s daily schedule is like.

  5. Loved the update! Have been praying for your team as well as OA 🙂

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