Ecuador shares the Gospel

Ecuador shares the Gospel

Ecuador shares the Gospel

After trying several times, we were able to connect to the satellite tonight. We have internet, finally!

Isaac Workman, Keith Marks, Fela Dodd, Joshua Simmons, Gaabriel Arriaga, Heather Kennedy, and Nathan Roys contributed to this report.

On Saturday, July 11 the team went to the Laguna park in Latacunga, where they did the presentation that they had been working on during EV practice, which included some songs in Spanish. About 40 to 50 people listened to our presentation. After that our head leader was able to converse with many of the people while the team members shared their wordless bracelets and books, mostly with the children. We then went to the market where we replenished on personal stuff. – Isaac.

On Sunday, after a breakfast of Good Food, we had devos ,where I learned how powerful faith was. I then rode on the truck to church, which was very fun, and we went to the friendliest church I have ever been to. We then had raviolis for lunch and lots of free time. We ended the day with verse quizzing and dinner – Keith.

I had to work on my verse review early in the morning since I ran out of time the day before. I prayed to God to keep me sharp for my verse review. It turned out that I did exceptionally well and missed only one verse. The rest of the day was filled with work. We mixed and poured concrete for the sidewalks, which was very satisfying. Fela

Today was my birthday. God has taught me so much today; I barely know where to start. We were going sighseeing today. It was a crater lake, similar to the one in Oregon, called Lago verde Quilotoa. After breakfast, we loaded up in the van and drove down to the small town of Cuandalo, where the tour bus would pick us up. The bus was late, so we evangelized while waiting. The bus finally arrived and we headed to the lake. We arrived there after a 3 hour ride and took pictures with the lake in the background.  Our leader offered us a choice of staying at the little town, taking a easy hike around the border of the crater, or a harder one to the lake shore below. I chose the lakeshore hike. It was super fun going down and we all enjoyed the breathtaking scenery. We rested for about 1/2 hour and started back up, whci turned out to be extremely difficult. After resting, we shopped for souveniers. When we got back to the base, the bus got stuck in a ditch. After about an hour of pushing, digging an plannings, to no avail, we gathered to pray. We took hold of each other’s hands and stood in a circle. We whispered our prayers with reverence: “I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me” “Jesus, if we have the faith that can move mountains then we can move this bus through you” “Heavenly Father, you knocked down the walls of Jericho, you parted the Red Sea, you healed the blind and cleansed the lepers. Please, God, work another miracle tonight.”

I know my prayer was based on 2 Corinthiand 12:9. “But He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so the Christ’s power may rest on me” I know we wera all feeling pretty weak about then, so it really conforted me to think of this verse. We did get the bus out of the ditch and turned around, but only by the power of God. You know, this whole day I felt pretty weak and helpless. But at night, as I think of the events of the day, I realize that today was a day of relying on God’s strength and power. Heather.

Saturday, July 17th. I, Nathan, and Taylor had the opportunity to go with Juan Carlos (missionary) and to help to milk the cows, which was extremely messy and akward. Then we went to the kitchen for KP. After breakfast, since we were on KP, we got to go to town. We shopped in the open market for small stuff, then went to the supermarket and finally to the chicken shop. Our leader, Allie K bought a live chicken, and we helped her kill it, remove the stuff you don’t eat, and get it ready for cooking. The rest of the day was normal. We worked KP and washed dishes. – Nathan.

Sunday! Evangelism day! This day is always my favorite, but more so today because I got out of the sick dorm! After the team got back from church, we ate, practiced our presentation, and walked down to a little town to sing to the people living nearby. There was nobody there when we got there, but a few people standing outside their house, but they were not paying attention. Instead of starting our presentation rigth away, we sang some songs to attract some people. That didn’t really work. so we took out the soccer ball to try to bring some kids out but still… no luck! After a while of singing and playing games our leader told us it was time to pack up and head back. He told us that this reminded him of the parable of the seeds. He explained further that we are planting seeds, some fell on hard ground, some maybe in the weeds, but if even one seed fell on good soil, and one person was possitively affected, by our songs, then everything was worth it. We were now very happy and we walked back to the base with smiles on our face singing and laughing the whole way! – Bailey.

On Monday morning, after devos, the team moved into our work period. Several went to the ditch outside the base and began filling it for later use as a road for the site-seeing bus. Rachel and Alex began painting the new public bathroon, while other cleaned the sick rooms so that they could be used for the coming boot camp leaders. Nathan and I prepared a surprise cupkake tower for our leader, Allie K. She had bad birthday memories, so we made a Blot Out Birthday for her. In the afternoon, we moved on to working with a number of the older guys on the water tank. We unclogged the drain and decided to postpone the job so that the water could drain before we started cleaning the tank. After dinner we had GG’s with Mr Jorge. At evening devos, Austin Gatza shared his testimony. Afterwards, Nate and I presented the cupcake tower to Allie K and there was enough for everyone to have two. By the time our party was over, it was around 9:15pm. Our team retired for the evening. – Taylor.



  1. So the little summary that is up there that I wrote isn’t nearly the whole thing.. It was much more epic and enjoyable than the summary. You guys should put up the rest of it. I really want to read it again. please?!?!

  2. Debbie Todhunter

    Thank you for continuing to attempt to get internet service–these updates are such an encouragement to parents! Great to hear from the team members. Looking forward to hearing more before you all leave for the States! It’s getting close now…

  3. So good to hear the update of what God is doing in the lives of these young people. They went to Ecuador to change lives, but God is changing them too. It’s great to hear that the kids are learning to depend on the Lord for all of their needs!

  4. It was so good to hear from you!! So glad for your restored internet service!! I was actually crying as I read – from my mom’s heart that really misses Bailey and for the work and growth God is doing in the heart of all these young people! AMEN!! So wonderful to hear! Thanks for sharing! Will continue to pray as you finish up your last days in Ecuador. How is the team’s health? There is a couple mentions of a “sick dorm”??

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