Greetings from the Philippines!

Philippines works on dorms

Philippines works on dorms

Greetings from the Philippines!!!! We are enjoying our time here at the beautiful Philippines base!! Monday morning the team began work on the project (new dorms). The work at the beginning was slow, but the team kept at it, and soon progress was seen. Tuesday and Wednesday work started at 5:30am to avoid working in the hot afternoons with no shade. Team members laid their first blocks Tuesday afternoon, and are slowly but surely getting the walls up. Team members work alongside BMW students; which provides them with a chance to learn about life here in the Philippines, and also interact with young adults. In their free time, the team members can be found either playing outside with the monkey, spending time with the students, or at the BMW store buying snacks. We plan to go to the beach Saturday afternoon as well as a shopping trip Sunday afternoon at a mall. Also on Sunday we will be doing a presentation at a church; which the kids are very much looking forward to!!!

Block laying on the Missions Trip to the Phillippines

Block laying on the Missions Trip to the Phillippines



  1. Keith and Lori Miller

    So good to hear what you all are doing. We are thrilled to see a picture of you, Luke. We keep track on the computer of what time it is where you are, and pray for you all everyday. Have a great time at the beach! Sounds wonderful.

    Trusting God with you all,
    Keith, Lori, Josh, and Micah

  2. Lance & Mary Clark

    Thanks for the updates we are so proud of how hard you are all working and how God is using you all already.You have so many folks praying for you back in the states! I never had a monkey to play with when I was in Bolivia ’84 🙂
    God Bless
    Lance & Mary

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