Indiana continues surveys

Indiana continues surveys

Indiana continues surveys

Sunday, July 18th was busy for the team as they ministered with a presentation in two churches in the morning and one in the evening. The churches were small and friendly, and the people and pastors appreciated the team’s singing and the testimony by Rebecca. George Dooms shared a short challenge for salvation in each service after promoting TTT.

In the afternoon the team worked on their memory verses to try to complete their reviews for the week. Most were not able to finish, so this will continue each day until all are up to date. In the evening after returning from the church, we had a presentation practice to make some improvements that were needed – especially in the area of puppets – before going to bed.

After classes, etc. on Monday morning, the team boarded the bus altogether, to go to one fair. It was in Illinois, about 1 ½ hrs drive. When we were about 2/3rds of the way there, we came into a storm with severe wind and rain. We arrived safely at the fair, but could not get out of the bus due to the storm that had followed us there. Team members were working on their memory verses, and we fed them supper before it was time to go set up the booth and do ministry following the storm. At the fair the team prayed with 6 people who gave their lives to Christ, and did many surveys.

Tuesday was a new day, and high expectations were held by the leaders for a better team attitude. Bible study went well and other activities in the morning went smoothly for the most part. Everyone went to the fair with anticipation of doing the work of evangelism. The ground was muddy due to the rain of the night before, but the team worked to get the small tent set up and the water igloos ready to provide free ice water. About half the team members had not finished memorizing the verses up to that day, so they began working on them behind the tent while others began to take surveys from the people passing by. One by one, some completed the memory work and joined the rest. When the evening was over, 80 people had been surveyed, and there were 9 decisions for Christ. The team sang most of the 1 ½ hour drive back to TTT.

The team had Grubby to Grace and God’s Gentleman as well as evangelism practice on Wednesday morning along with other classes. About 6 team members still needed to catch up their memory verses, and again worked on them at the beginning of the fair ministry. About 80 surveys were done and a total of 7 decisions for Christ. People in other fair booths have noticed the kids sharing with people, and the FFA food booth across from the TTT booth gave all the team a piece of pizza and a bottle of soda. Later on in the evening another person came and offered to give a cup of cheese potatoes to each of the team. These things were greatly appreciated by all and encouraged us – it helped to know there were other believers there as well. The fair atmosphere is pretty worldly.



  1. Praying for team memorizing the verses, better team attitude, testimony by team members and for our Team LEADERS who have a big job. Thank you working with your kids. praying for they people who hear and see what young people can do for the LORD. and the encouragement that the Lord send when we need it even by way of food. Just shows that people are watch and listen when we don’t know is.and you real don’t know how many seed you are planting and how many flowers will grow when you leave.

  2. Way to go Rebecca, I hope you were able to give a compelling testimony and share openly as we discussed before you left for TMI. I know Rebecca was super happy to have pizza, soda, and cheese potatos! Praying thankfulness for decisions for Christ and the individuals who are taking notice of the kids and offering encouragement, Thank you Jesus.

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