Malawi Coloring plants 44 trees

Malawi Coloring plants 44 trees

Malawi Coloring plants 44 trees

Hello from Chipoka Malawi. The team is doing great. We planted 44 fruit trees today. Here’s excerpts from the kids as promised:

We sleep on bunk beds under mosquito nets. We also take cold showers. It is fun and I’m glad I’m here. Sarah

I am having fun the culture is very different and the food is good. The soda is awesome. Simon

My first Sunday here was Ellieanan’s birthday, she turned 9. The thorns here are really big. We went to the beach. May

Today the team went to church, and a restaurant where we had 3 sodas. Tristan

We went swimming, it was fun. Mom it’s beautiful. Celia

We went to church and it was cool! I tried to sing Malawi but it didn’t work. We planted trees. It was hard to carry them but fun. Bronia

We swam in Lake Malawi where we found a pink and black rock. The water was freezing so I played volleyball most of the time. PS my arms are golden AHHH. Hannah

Africa is awesome. The orphans are really nice. I am really glad I am here. Lexy

Malawi is awesome! I’m having a good time and enjoying my teammates. I had 3 sodas today at Chipoka Lodge. Gabe

Hey Y’all, What’s up over there? Probably AC and ice, none of that here. The other day a lot of orphans excepted Jesus. Kyleigh

I found this giant shell on the beach in front of the base at Lake Malawi. We ate lunch after church at Chipoka Lodge. We swam in Lake Malawi. We had birthday cake after dinner to celebrate my birthday. Ellie



  1. Thank you so much for the updates. It does a mother’s heart good to hear their child is doing well. We pray for the team all the time.

  2. So neat to see the reactions from each of the kids! Thank you!

  3. Yeah! So glad to hear from you all. I want to hear more and see pictures when you get home!

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