Malawi FW II—Mangochi

Malawi FW II—Mangochi

Malawi FW II—Mangochi

Just a quick update…Mangochi is a little rough place, the people were trying to steal the shoes out of the windows on the day Mathew was not there. So we barriacaded the window, set up a tent inside showing people are sleeping in there. Beside this and knowing that the Unit has only been there for 7 months it is a nice accomplishment what the facilitators, Robert and Elicy have done. They are teaching verses, choruses to sing, playing games and Bible knowledge. The kids are eager to learn, even the Chichewa language which is not so for the adults.

Today, Friday we were not allowed to do EV because it was a mosque day. We asked the chief and he said no, which is fine.

It has been very windy especially at night, which brings a lot of dust inside the tent even through the walls. A few of the team members have coughs.



  1. Phyllis (Erica's mom)

    Praying daily for everyone! Letters sent from home! Love you Erica!

  2. Hannah's Mom & Dad(Jill & Don Decker)

    Any mail arrived from stateside??

  3. Hannah's Mom & Dad(Jill & Don Decker)

    Praise the Lord re Chief’s salvation!!

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