Rains in Honduras- Preteen

Rains in Honduras

Rains in Honduras

Wednesday July 22

Worked hard on the road and had a hard rainstorm in the night. Wow did it rain. The tin roofs drowned out the sounds of Bible study and Library time. We had to shout to be heard. The national BMW students fried green bananas for us for supper they tasted like chips and were great. The find of the day was a cute baby turtle with a really cool pattern on the under shell. The BMW student girls adopted him and made a little aquarium for him. The team named him Brian. Isariah & Jacob had KP and loved killing the flies. Aminda shared in evening devos about being so thankful for everything she has back home. She shared that at home she didn’t like to put the clothes in the dryer and here she has to wash her own clothes and realizes that she has taken much for granted.

Thursday July 23

Had a good day of work. The road project is coming and Lord willing we will have another gravel delivery tomorrow. We are really becoming a family and are getting along well. Luke and Rebekah had KP. Devos were led by Isiarah

We have our daily bug bite check and apply Caladryl. As we sit in devotions daily we have a tremendous view of the mountains and can hear the sounds of various birds. This is a beautiful place to worship the Lord



  1. Thank you so much for the update :). It means so much to us. We will be praying , so looking forward to hearing all about all that the Lord has done in their lives and the lives of the people there. Cant help it but would really love a hug from my boy Tyler….I’m super proud of him and all these kiddos. Blessing and peace, perseverance and hope be upon them all……

  2. Tanner's Mom and Dad

    Thanks for all the great updates. Glad to hear about all the interaction between the team and the local kids. We’re continuing to pray daily for all of you!

    We’re counting down the days.

  3. Pastor Harold Hamilton

    Lamb Boulevard Missionary Baptist Church, Las Vegas, NV. is very proud of Jacob Hutchinson. We thank God for his “missionary heart” and his willingness to serve God as He directs. We pray for the entire team that he is a member of AND for all the teams that are worldwide. What an amazing God that uses young people to spread His Gospel.

  4. All that rain sounds like a lot of fun. I’m glad to hear all is going well. Keep working hard. Remember that even building a road, if done with the right attitude brings glory to God. I’m proud of you, Chris and love you very much! Praying for the whole team!

  5. I like the name of the turtle

  6. Thank you so much for the update and the photo. It is really good to hear how the kids are doing and how much they are growing as people and in faith. It is really great to see them in the photo! We can’t wait to get the next update. We are so proud of Kyla and all of the kids for what they are doing! You are changing lives in Honduras. What an amazing experience!

    For the parent in me, I also hope they are keeping up with their bug repellant/medication and that Kyla is wearing her glasses all of the time. 🙂 We love you very much. Everyone here is supporting you.

  7. I love getting these reports! We sure didn’t have this way back when I went to TMI. Although I wrote much more often than my boys do 🙂 I think that is hilarious that they have a turtle named Brian. It means strength and honor, you know. Praying for all of you daily.

  8. Jacob Hutchinson

    Thank you so much for the updates! They are WONDERFUL! Helps us moms (&dads) back here feel like we are a part of the amazing commission our kids have been called to! Jacob, I couldn’t be prouder of you! You and your team are in our prayers daily. Pastor gives an update at every church service. We love and miss you! See you in 16 days.

  9. Our heartfelt gratitude to all the team leaders and everyone else who is working to give our kids this amazing opportunity. I’m sure the kids aren’t the only ones with bug bites! Thank you so much for your patient endurance and servant’s hearts! To God be the glory, great things He is doing!

  10. Thanks again for the interesting updates. Makes our kids feel close to us and gives us fresh ‘fodder’ for prayer.

  11. These updates are fantastic. It is wonderful to hear the details of your daily lives there. Hearing all that the kids are doing and learning makes me so thankful. What the kids are learning about thankfulness is a lesson for us all. I hope that the kids are applying their repellent every day. Many prayers are with you.

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