Brazil doing evangelism

Brazil doing evangelism

Brazil doing evangelism

Greetings in the name of the Lord from a very hot and humid place! The team has finished the time at the Teen Missions base with great results in the construction and evangelism areas. We accomplished the foudation of the building and started to lay up the walls. Sad to say we ran out of time and finances and could not achieve our goal to get to the window level, but we were surely happy to work along side of the staff and students and left a great start for the base. The evangelism oportunities were a great plus. Our saturday and sunday (morning) in the open market in São Miguel was a gret impact. We gave out over two hundred tracts and along with students and staff, as translators we broke up in small groups to minister to the Brazilian people. As well we did presentations at the youth service in the Baptist Church (Saturday evening), two services at the Four Square church (Sunday evening) and Assembly of God on Tuesday evening. I would say that was a great variety of ministry and recruiting for the Brazilian Boot Camp that will hapen December through February. It was sad that we had to say our good byes to most of the students and staff at the TMI base and took the road to our new challenge. From a construction/ev team now we became the full-time evangelistic team. After several hours of travel and a few mechanic difficulties with the TMI truck that came along with our bus caring our luggage, kitchen/ev. equipment as well the Big Top that will host some of our ev programs, we made it safe and sound straight to a church service. In that town called Tomé Acu (Indian name that means ¨great Saint Tomaz¨) we were lodged in a school building and soon became the great attraction in town (great opportunity to be heard!). Our first night, a band practicing for the Independence Day parade happen at that school (very loud). The next morning while we were doing some ev practice, some of us realized smoke coming from the boys dorm; an electrical fan was caught on fire. Praise God no one was hurt and there was no great damage. Sure Satan is not happy with our team and with the things that God is doing in us and through us. Saturday night we showed the Jesus Film and performed in a open square and what a great impact that was. The people were coming to ask for tracks and to talk with us. Were were treated as celebrities and took that opportunity to share God`s plan of salvation to everyone (over 400 people). We just finished our time in that small town in the interior of Brazil and are on our way to the island of Barcarena. Please be in prayer with us so Jesus’ name could be proclaimed throughout our team. More news of God’s great work in our next e-mail!



  1. Randy and Stacy

    We miss you too and are proud of the way you are being obedient to the Lord!

  2. GO AMAZON RIVER GOOOOOOOOOOO! I miss all of you guys =/

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