Hello from China!

Camp begins in China

Camp begins in China

Hello from China! It has been an exciting few days for this team. On Thursday night, the missionary and his wife invited us to their apartment for dinner. We feasted on lasagna with goada cheese, salad and fresh bread. It was a great time of fellowship!

The work project is going great. The pond is looking good and is now surrounded by rock. A foot-path has been started. Almost all the rooms are painted, new picnic tables and benches for the showers have been made.

On Saturday, we had “orientation day” for the camp. Some went mountain biking while others went rafting. Another group worked on the music and the last group worked on teaching English. After a slow afternoon of quizzing, doing verse review and practicing for our Debrief presentation, we went into town after supper so the everyone who wanted shirts or dresses could get measured. However, the tailor was closed, so we spent some time shopping.

On Sunday, we went into Tiyuan City to hand out brochures for the camp and to go to the Chinese Church. We spent about 45 minutes in the park handing out the brochures and then we went to church. It was so awesome! There were over 1000 people there. Even though we didn’t understand any of the service, we enjoyed seeing the Chinese Christians. Their benediction was amazing.

Afterwards, we all went to eat at McDonalds (or had PB & J) and then went shopping. There wasn’t much to buy, so we went back to the park and found that in the back, there were rides. Almost all of us rode at least one ride and they were great rides, including a roller coaster!

The camp has given all of us either a pink or purple polo shirt with the camp logo on it. The girls drew a lot of attention in the city with our boots, skirts and pink/purple polos! The fashion conscious Chinese were “rubber necking” as we passed them by. They didn’t just look. They completely turned around to watch the crazy Americans!

We are looking forward to our last week of work here before starting the camp next Sunday. Everyone is healthy. The weather has been hot and humid with some rain. It is cooling down in the evenings, but we wish it would cool down more! Thank you for your prayers!!!!



  1. Some mail is coming through, but definitely not all the mail. Zach has received mail.

  2. We really appreciate these updates! I’m happy to know the team had an exciting weekend. We’re always praying for you!! I hope you get some cooler weather. It’s been really hot here in North Carolina.

  3. Good to hear all is well. Are they getting any of the mail we are sending? hope so.

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