Hong Kong painting and doing EV

Making balloon animals

Making balloon animals

Greetings from Hong Kong!! We are doing well. We have finished the primary white coat of paint for the work project. We have designed a mural for the wall and have begun painting the mural on one of the walls. The Chinese are very colorful and are excited to have the theme of ‘the fruits of the Spirit’ painted on the wall of one of their meeting rooms. We also continue to be busy with EV outreaches. After painting in the mornings, we generally visit a local nursing home in the afternoon to share a 45-minute gospel presentation with the 60 – 100 residents. At our second home, one of the ladies received Christ at our invitation. Praise the Lord!! Today (Saturday) we have prepared the materials to make Chinese lanterns with 53 orphans in the area. We will also share our gospel presentation and are excited to speak English with these young people. The weather has continued to be warm and humid with increased rains. We have felt the aftereffects of nearby Typhoon Chanthu by increased rains, mild flooding, and stronger winds. This has not hindered our work here at all. We look forward to street evangelism in the Filippino square Sunday morning, attending church services in a glass church, street evangelism at the Ladies Street, and souvenir shopping. Weather permitting, we also plan to visit Victoria’s Peak this week and ride on the Star Ferry across Victoria’s Bay. Please pray for us that we may accomplish our work project but also share Christ as often as we can.



  1. Tammie & Dan Hicks

    Emily – Still in Albion, but viewed this update at AiAi’s. Glad to hear about all the different things you are getting to do. We will continue to pray that these evangelistic outreaches are fruitful! Greetings to Lauran and the rest of the team. WE Love you! Mom & Dad

  2. Mom, Dad, and Emily White

    What a time of wonderful blessing! It is so exciting to hear about the Lord working through the Hong Kong team. We continue to pray for all of you, but especially Lauran and Emily H. Christ is sufficient in all things. Evangelism is going on at home, too! Lauran, Emy led Savanna to the Lord this past Thursday night while they were hanging out in her bedroom!
    this is emily grace white speaking. i just wanted to say that it sounds like your [sic] <–(mom having a fit..like always.) all having a grand ol' time. im praying for you all. hope to see you soon…on the 13th. eye love you!! <3

  3. Great to hear another update. Isaac and the rest of the team…keep doing the Lord’s Work. What a great blessing it is to be in the center of His Will. This is a wonderful time for all of you and the people you interact with. Be bold and be strong for the Lord your God is with you!

  4. Gloria Rodriguez

    Gloria Marie, how lovely it was to see your picture and to hear about the team’s “labor of love”. You looked tired, but fulfilled. I know the Lord is your Sustainer…. and that it is your conviction that this is is all about and for Him, not us. For all this we are thankful to the Lord. God’s people here continue to lift all of you and your team in prayer. Leaders, thank you for all that you are doing for the Lord! We love you guys!!

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