Ireland visits Dublin

Ireland visits Dublin

Ireland visits Dublin

Greetings from team Ireland! Hey everybody, just wrote to say hi and to let you know how we are doing. On the project site we have dug out the footers for the tractor shed, and laid part of the concrete for the sidewalk. The team is so happy to be working and to see results, it really boosted their spirits to know that they are not just working in vain. Also, Friday was the 40th anniversary of Ireland Outreach international, so there was an ice cream party to celebrate. The team ate way too much ice cream and sweets, but they enjoyed every bit of it. The founder of Ireland shared a little about his life and said to take every opportunity that God gives you, because you never know when there will be another one. On Saturday we got the chance to go into Dublin, do some shopping, see the Book of Kells and after all that we walked down to St. peters cathedral and took pictures. We sat and had lunch in the park and took lots of pictures of the birds in the pond across from where we were. Along the main strip of shopping there were street performers and all sorts of fun things to see, there was even a leprechaun! While walking around the city we saw many old builds and steeples, they seemed to be around every corner, everyone had their cameras out the whole time trying to take pictures while carrying their bags of souvenirs. Today (Sunday) went into town for church and the team sang a few songs and then performed a puppet song, the church really enjoyed it. Everyone one is doing well, they all said to say hi and to tell you that they love and miss you. None of us can believe that the time has gone by so fast, we have less than 2 weeks until we leave Ireland, and it feels like we just got here. Thank you for all of your prayers and letters to the team.



  1. Abigail… you my enchilada; know you can’t write but hope you are getting my letters….we all love you and miss you but are so thankful for your willingness to take the word to the world! God bless you all and your mission….safe travels soon!

  2. Hi Sean & Sharon, how is Keiley and Aiden doing. Glad everyone is well and the work is progressing. Can not believe you have been gone for that long already. Miss you guys. Take care and we love you. Mom

  3. Ross, my favorite son! 😉 dude I love you, God has a plan for your life my son! Are ya listening & learning! Can’t wait to hear ALL about it!
    You sister misses you! but might just be enjoying being an only child too much!

    your favorite mom!

  4. EmmaLeigh Gould (Abigail's Sister)

    Wow it is such a blessing to read about how everything is going! I can’t wait to see Abigail! We miss her a lot! I hope the Lord is reaching into the hearts of everyone on the team and helping them grow in ways they never knew about!!!

  5. Thank you so much for all of the updates! It is so awesome to know what they are doing there 🙂

  6. Ireland Team…..thank you for your posts…it means so much to us at home to hear about your mission work and know all is well….God bless you!

  7. I am very grateful for these updates, and for the opportunities that have been given to these kids. I miss my grandson, David, something fierce, but I know he is in God’s hands.

  8. i look on here everyday for updates and am so excited when i see a new one. i am impressed and happy that you are so faithful to update so often. thank-you thank-you. please give tyranny a big hug from her mom and ask her how her feet and cough are doing. God bless you for taking the summer to be with our children and taking care of them

  9. Thank you for the updates. My granddaughter, Jessie, seems much closer to me through the news you post. I am so thankful she can experience missions!

    Jessie’s Mimi,

  10. Keep up the good work guys, you have not idea how this trip will effect your life and the people around you there in Ireland.

    God Bless

  11. I am so excited to read every update that comes from the Ireland team! I am so thankful that the Lord provided this opportunity for you all to serve Him there this summer. Praying for you each day. Hug Jessie for me!

  12. I miss my Rachel!!! Please hug her neck and embarass her for me…since I still haven’t gotten a letter from Ireland. hahaha! I am so glad that you are making progress on the project, seeing Irish culture and are growing in the Lord.
    My prayers are with you all!
    Rachel’s Mum,

  13. So glad to hear all about the trip into Dublin and the progress on your work there at Ireland International. Continuing to pray for Team Ireland!

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the updates! It sounds as though you are having an awesome time…praise the Lord! All our love to the Team and leaders…we miss you!

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