Peru enjoys authentic Peruvian food

Peru enjoys authentic Peruvian food

Peru enjoys authentic Peruvian food

We are making more progress on the church! Praise the Lord! We have more footers dug and rebar is almost all tied for the footers and the columns. We were delayed for a bit yesterday when a water pipe was busted while digging footers, but everything is fixed now.

The weather is back to normal for this time of year. Low 90s during the day and dry. We are starting to miss the cold we were complaining about last week! Several kids and leaders have had coughs and stuffy noses, partly due to the changing weather.

We have also enjoyed some authentic Peruvian food. Judy and Dimas have helped prepare meals twice since we have been here and the kids love it. We really do have a good group of kids! Thank you for the prayers!



  1. Good to hear all is well for the most part. May God keep each of you safe and well.
    We miss you Kristin!!!

    Blessings to all,
    Nana and Papa

  2. So proud of you Kristin and the entire Peru Team. We are praying for you!

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