Sharing the Gospel in South Africa

South Africa base property

South Africa base property


We are halfway into our second week here in South Africa. The weather is rapidly growing warmer in the mornings. Last week, we bundled up in blankets for the early mornings and late evenings; however, for the past two mornings we’ve only needed sweaters. Praise God for that! We have been out almost every day this week doing presentations at different orphanages and schools in the area. This morning we were at the Jehovah Jireh Orphanage. The kids loved the presentation! They stared in rapt attention throughout the whole of it, especially for the drama Sad Sack, which is about a happy clown and a sad clown. Rob and Divina have been doing an excellent job on that for the past few days. Molly has been sharing her testimony about how God healed her knee, and Korie has been sharing about how she gets to use her favorite thing in the world (singing) to spread God’s Word and how excited she is about that. Our CD player would not work this morning, so we all put on huge smiles and sang the song without the music. The team did an amazing job pulling it together and having fun with it.

On Wednesday of this week we went to a Motorcycle Sunday School Mission stop. On the way, we drove back into one of the poorest sections around. The government has built houses for their homeless here, but they are far away from schools, food, water and jobs. It was very challenging for us as we thought about all that God has blessed us with in America.

We have seen around 100 people make a decision for Christ this week. What an awesome testimony to how good God is! In some of our extra time, we have been doing small projects around the base to help out the local missionaries here. We have mostly done painting. Deborah and Wynter did a fantastic job on one of the floors here by painting it a deep red.

There have been no sicknesses or injuries this week. We have had safe travel and good health everywhere we’ve been.

We are looking forward to going to another church service tomorrow morning, as well as having another week full of presentations. We’ll also do our sightseeing at the end of this week, so be sure to keep us in your prayers.

God bless!

The South Africa team



  1. I wish I would have seen these posts weeks ago, but I am thankful I found them now. 100 people accepting Christ…That is awesome! Thank you and Thank you, Lord

  2. I enjoyed this sooooo much!!!

  3. We had a good time didn’t we?!

  4. Rene & Gary Coston

    Thank you again so much for the updates! Sarah – Mom & Gary are both praying for you constantly! So wonderful to read how many lives you are all touching – Can’t wait to hear the full stories when you are home! May God bless and watch over all of you!

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