Zambia Drill doing well

Zambia Drill doing well

Zambia Drill doing well

The following was received from our base coordinator in Zambia, where the team check in at: I talked with Kathy by phone yesterday and she said that she should be getting to town Monday and will get a report sent to you. She said the team is well and enjoying the time at Lunsala. They will stay there until Sunday and after Sunday service will move to Mumena. The presentations have been going good and have been enthusiastically received by the people. Seven people have prayed to receive Christ. So at this point all is well with the drill team.


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  1. Cynthia Calloway

    Thanks God for the Drill Team. I am glad that all is well and that people are praying to receive Christ thru their ministry. I continue to pray for their safety and their ministry.

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