Belize visits Mayan Ruins

Belize visits Mayan Ruins

Belize visits Mayan Ruins

God has been very gracious to us this past week answering prayer, providing increased evangelistic opportunities, as well as some fun and relaxing opportunities. Monday thru Thrusday the work site was “shut down” by the local town committee. However after much prayer & petitioning of the commitee by brother Tim, God changed the heart of the committee members & we were able to resume digging the footer for the building on Friday. Between heavy rainstorms, we also dug out the delivery truck twice which was bringing gravel & sand for the concrete.

During the “time off” from the work site we were able to practice puppets, choir & brush up on our phonics. When we were at Boot Camp & taking our phonics class I don’t think there was a single team member who didn’t ask me why we, a team going to an English speaking country, had to learn how to teach an english phonics class. However, God has proven once again that He doesn’t waste anything! Every evening starting this past Friday we have been teaching english to the predominantly Spanish-speaking nationals. Pray that as we do this we will not pass up on the evangelistic opportunities that result from teaching this class.

Saturday, was our first day of sightseeing. We went to visit the Mayan Ruins of Lamini. The team was hosted by a wonderful Christian tour guide. We readily enjoyed learning about the ancient & often mysterious Mayan culture. After climbing to the top of several of the towering temples to see a 360 degree vista of the surrounding jungle we returned to Orange Walk Town where many of th eteam members sampled the local eateries for dinner.

On Sunday, the team attended church & was able to do a presentation which included several choir songs, a drama & a testimony shared by Peggy Cogdell. Peggy shared about how much the Lord had worked in her life since she had arrived in Belize & how she had learned the importance of praising God even in the hard times which she has encountered this summer.

Please pray for the weather to let up. We’ve completed the footing excavation & should receive the rebar for the footer tomorrow. However the constant deluge of rain, if it continues, will prohibit us from pouring the concrete.



  1. Jewel and Karrie

    Love ya’ll Jacob and Jordan! Keeping up with you both on the website. We are very Proud of you.
    Uncle Jewel, Aunt Karrie, and Boys

  2. Uncle Jewel and Aunt Karrie

    Jacob and Jordan, We are very proud of you both. The boys were very happy to see you on the website.
    We are reading about your adventures each night when posted. Pa Pa Jewel is also keeping up with you guys. Love ya’ll.
    Jewel and Karrie

  3. Our prayers are with you. Sound like you are really getting some work done!

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