Samoa team safe and busy!

Samoa team safe and busy!

Samoa team safe and busy!

We received a call from a leader on the Samoa team. They are doing well and have been very busy. They were able to set six water collection tanks in one of the villages. They were also hosted to a feast one evening. They will be sending an email as soon as they find internet. Thank you to everyone for their prayers.



  1. Grandma and Grampa Damon

    Hi to Jake Damon
    we pray for you. we know you are having a great time serving the LORD there in Samoa. we look for updates for your team. your dad helped with water collection tanks in png when he went with one of the teams. Great grandma says high too. she says to tell you that she is praying for you too. take lots of pictures. we love you.

  2. grandma edmonds

    hey to seth tuttle I hope you are being conformed to the image of Christ —- by the surrender of your wants needs and desires!!! its all that will make you happy. I love you!!!

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