Sharing in Indiana

Sharing in Indiana

Sharing in Indiana

Thursday, July 22, we arrived at the Knox Co., Indiana, fair in a rain storm. But this time it was not a strong storm like we had on Monday. In fact, the rain stopped almost as soon as we arrived at the fair. So we were able to get the tent set up and begin the surveys. We brought all the puppet and drama things, so periodically throughout the afternoon and evening the team broke up into groups to do puppet presentations and dramas that they had learned at Boot Camp. By the end of the evening there had been 12 decisions for Christ from those taking surveys and leading people through the plan of salvation.

Friday dawned bright and sunny. It remained very hot throughout the day which made the fair ministry more challenging, as the kids go out to meet people walking by. They had to take more breaks and drink lots of water. More fair-goers also came for the free water we were offering at the TTT booth. It is a constant challenge to get the kids to stay focused and keep doing the work, because most people do not want to take the survey, and some are rude to them. We keep encouraging them using Jesus as the example, and helping them to continue being friendly and persevere. It is always nice when the sun finally goes down and the cooler evening temperatures replace the heat of the day. More people come to the fair in the evening, as well, so there are more people to talk to. One team member shared that he felt led to go talk to a very old couple, and the man saw the plan of salvation papers he was holding and said, “I need that! I have been wanting this!” The team member asked if he could share about it with the man, but the man said, “No, thank you, my son at home will do that.” So there are many different reactions from people. Team members were allowed to buy tickets to ride a few rides since today was the last day at this fair. One team member was riding a ride with a young girl who was afraid. She was able to comfort her and share the plan of salvation with her and she prayed to receive Christ right there! Altogether 9 people prayed to give their lives to Christ, and lots of Bibles were given out. At the same time, we felt a lot of spiritual oppression, and prayed against that as a team.

We appreciate the prayers of all the prayer partners for the team members and leaders as well as from the other teams. Leaders are committed to being servants of Jesus Christ to the team, teaching Bible studies and guys and girls classes as well as personal counseling to help the kids make the choice to love God with all their heart and let Him control their actions and attitudes.

Saturday was a slower day, and after private devotions we took the kids to a nearby park to play games and enjoy some fun activities. The afternoon was spent in preparation for the evening rally presentation and other classes before going to the Log Inn, Indiana’s oldest restaurant where Abraham Lincoln once ate. There was plenty of fried chicken mashed potatoes, ham, roast beef and vegetables to fill everyone up! The evening TTT rally was good, and the team performed songs, puppets and drama. Tami Dooms shared about Abe Lincoln’s life and beliefs. After the rally there were snacks and games for the local kids and team members to enjoy together.

Sunday morning we went to the same church we had gone to last Sunday evening. The team did only a short presentation and the pastor spoke on David and Goliath. They served the team lunch (southern barbeque) afterwards, which was much appreciated. The afternoon was spent reviewing verses and quizzing before going to Keck Southern Baptist Church for the evening service. The team presented a 20 min. program and the pastor preached a fiery sermon on II Tim chap. 1 about rekindling the flame and getting out in the world to share the gospel with confidence. It was great for both the congregation and our team. We had snacks after the service.

TTT had a copy of the Passion of Christ, so we showed it to the team when we returned from church.



  1. Can you put up some pictures. of the team working?

  2. praying for better weather. paring for he team. and leaders. Thanks for the up dates.

  3. Thanks for the lovely detailed update! So wonderful to hear from the team.

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