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Uganda work project

Uganda work project

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another week of building is underway! The goal is to have the foundations for both of the new buildings completed and the brick walls rising by the end of this week. The foundation for the first building is done, and the team is almost ready to start laying the rock foundation for the second building. The bricks will start going up on the first building tomorrow. The team has worked hard, and the buildings they complete here will serve the people in Koboko for many years to come.

The rain sometimes dictates our schedule here. For all the rain we lacked at Boot Camp we have certainly made up for it here in Koboko. Thankfully we have some buildings in which we can hold classes when the rain stops the work project.

Yesterday, Sunday, the team visited the Anglican Church in Koboko. The team was at the church for a total of seven hours and presented seven times to seven different groups! The church holds four different services and four children’s services each Sunday. The first two services are in English. The third service is in both Kakwa and Lugwara, the two local tribal languages. The fourth service is for the Dinka speaking Sudanese people. It was quite a cultural experience for the team. The worship service for each people group was unique. The team sang for the congregation in both English and Swahili. They presented the Word of God with puppets, songs and the drama The Cage. We did not see any first time decisions for Christ at the church, but we pray that the seeds we planted will bear fruit. Next Saturday we will be doing a gospel children’s program for the kids that come to the AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit here on the property.



  1. You are all doing such a wonderful job! keep up the great work!! God bless you all!! Nice purple helmet Turner

  2. Joyce and Jack Taylor

    Praise the Lord for the work and witness of Teen Missions and the young people working in Uganda.

  3. Mary Jane Helton

    We appreciate the inspiring reports of the Team’s ministry in Uganda and continue to pray for all of you.

  4. We so appreciate the updates and pictures. We are praying for your continued good health, endurance and for God’s message to be accepted there. Keep up your amazing work and witness. Konnichiwa Turner, love you.

  5. Wow … What a variety of opportunities this team is having with their physical work and ministries …
    both the Team and the Village will be Blessed for years to come … Thank you Lord !

  6. Tracey Campbell

    Thanks for the newest update!! So good to hear of whats going on!! Praying for you all!!

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