Uganda visits Koboko Mayor

Uganda visits Koboko Mayor

Uganda visits Koboko Mayor

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Team members are running everywhere trying to put tools and buckets away. In the last hour of work, a torrential downpour quickly put the building progress to a halt. Yet, this group can be proud of all that has been accomplished. In a week’s time they have completed the rock and mortar foundation for the first building, and are ready to begin laying the foundation for the second building. They have also continued to prepare the steel for the second concrete foundation for the pavilion. On Monday morning the team will begin laying bricks.

The rain continues to come almost daily, for which we are thankful, as it is our cleanest source of water. The team has come to realize how blessed we are in the US and Canada to have a clean supply of water readily available wherever we go. It takes many trips to the watering hole to keep up with our needs.

On Thursday we were blessed with a visit from the mayor of Koboko. Our presence here has caused quite a stir in the community. Many outsiders pass through Koboko, but few stay to help. The mayor shared with us about some of the needs in the community. Many orphans live in the Koboko area and much of the population is very poor, partly due the many years of war.

Here is what team member Lorraine Maxwell says about her experience in Koboko.

“There was no way that I could have expected the impact that Koboko would have on me. Before I came I knew I would come back a new person and everyone told me that I would not be able to imagine what it would be like – they were all right! At first I did not know how I felt about coming to Africa, but God has shown me that this is where my heart falls. We arrived on a Saturday and we went to church the following morning and had to do our presentation. The Holy Spirit was so present there as we listened to prayers in languages we did not speak and clapped to songs we did not understand, but we could feel God’s love. I had the chance to share my testimony through a translator, something I never expected to be doing all the way in Africa. Joy rushed through me and I felt myself changing on the inside very quickly. I really feel that God wants me to be a missionary, which I have felt before, but it has been by this actual feeling here in Uganda that God has actually set it into my heart. A feeling that I have known all year I would not be able to expect yet I tried to imagine. God controls my heart, and He has done that here and now in me.

Tomorrow, the team will be leaving early in the morning for church. They will be visiting a church in Koboko that some of the BMW students come from. There are three services each Sunday in three different languages. The team will be presenting in all three services.



  1. What a testimony of God’s faithfulness! (and provision of rain for water!) Matthew’s dad and I are praying, praying, praying for all of you as well! We sure miss our boy but is so glad for this experience for him!

  2. Tracey Campbell

    Thanks for sharing Lorraine!! I agree w/Darlene!! Was reading that out loud to Oisin’s dad & sister and it was really hard to not get choked up while reading your words!! I just imagine how this whole experience is impacting Oisin and can’t wait to talk to her about it all!! I will also continue to pray for all of you!!

  3. Sounds like quite an experience. Thanks Lorraine for sharing your heart with us. It brings tears to my eyes to hear about God’s work in your life! I will continue to pray for rain and an outpouring of God’s love to everyone there.

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