Zambia Drill moves to Mumema

Zambia Drill moves to Mumema

Zambia Drill moves to Mumema

Greetings from the Zambia Drill team,

Monday the team slept in a bit after our long day Sunday. Right after devos, breakfast the team went to town to excahnge money and purchase the Chantanges (wraps to wear over their jeans). We came back for lunch and then washed our travel clothes so they will be fresh for the return trip. We got caught up on Bible memory, verses and classes. Packed up their things and had an early night too as we would be moving to our first project location on Tuesday morn.

Tues. morning was early rise and shine at 5:00 A.M. taking tents down and packing personal things as well as kitchen things into the 4-ton truck. We were on our way at 7:00. It was an 8 hour truck ride with lots of pot holes to go around. The morning air was cold as the team kept back some blankets to wrap around them. It was about 3 1/2 hours and we stopped at a Matron’s unit for our bathroom break. The team was able to see the place the girls stay. We hope to spend a couple of hours with them on our return trip.

It was back on the road again for about another 3 hours. We stopped along the road for a quick lunch and then back back on the road. We stopped at our last location to tell them when we would come. Then we stopped at the second place and told them we were coming. Now we finally arrived at Lunsala, our first location, around 3 o’clock. It was good to finally be in one place. We began to set up camp, settle into our tents and before you knew it was time for rest.

The next morning the children started arriving at 8:30. There is a preschool here so the team will be training these young children in drill. The first thing the children do is greet the facilitator. You see them coming from all different directions, barefoot, cold, in torn clothes but anxious to learn. The team began by performing their drill so the children would know what they would do. The children were so anxious to learn. The team members made many friends. Soemtimes teaching and holding a child that just wanted to be held. They were quick and excited to learn. Sometimes the team had to split into 3 groups as there were so many different age groups. So the morning hours were spent with the children. In between drill teaching, they would also play some games with them, like duck dcuk goose goose; which they loved. At the end of every drill practice the team would give a short presentation. For the first 3 days there were 28 decisions that the chilldren gave their hearts to Christ. What a blessing for the team to be a part of these children being a part of the Kingdom of God. After teaching the team, there is time for library, oops Bible marking happens first thing in the morning before breakfast. We also have time for continuing to learn our memory verses as well as Grubby to Grace, God’s gentlemen class.

Different children arrive in the afternoon so the team starts all over teaching drills to the different ages, followed by a presentation. Then there is free time to wash clothes and take bath. Then it is supper time and later it is time for team devotions. Each team member gets to share something. We reflect back on the things that we have learned and of course spend some time singing. It is a good way to finish our day. Then it all starts over again.

The team members are all healthy. It is cold in the morning and we are thankful when the sun comes out and warms us up. The team really enjoyed our time at Lunsala. We made some really good friends with the children. A little piece of Lunsala is left in each of our hearts.

Sunday the team was able to attend their first church service. There was lots of singing—they were even able to share 4 songs with the church.

After church on Sunday we moved to our second location which is Mumena. When we came, there were children everywhere and more came as we were unloading our luggage and setting up camp. The thatched-roofed kitchen with team team members doing library reading was full in every place with children looking and seeing what was going on. In order for us to eat supper, the facilitator took out his guitar and took the children to the MSSM area to sing songs. They say the children are here all the time and many times they must tell them to go home we want to go to sleep.The team was performing for the new group today and will be starting the drill teaching to a whole another group.

We will be here at Mumena until Thursday. We will first attend the MSSM and then travel to our final location of Solwezi on Thursday. We will be sending a report again on Monday. I have asked each of the team members to write a paragraph about their time here so hope to include these in our next report.

We as leaders have appreciated each of your children. They are truly a blessing and so great to work with. They are enjoying each and everything that comes their way and up for each challenge and are really appreciative of parents as they see and hear the stories of the children that don’t even have a Father or Mother. Thanks parents for letting them come. I’m sure you will be seeing some great things that God has done in their lives.

Until next Monday. Blessings, and love from the Zambia Drill team.


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  1. Cynthia Calloway

    Wow! I can image the children coming from every direction to see and hear the word of God from these strangers from the other side of the world. I thank God that he provide for CJ and his team members to be there. I know that they are gentle and giving. I continue to follow and look forward to reading a word from each Drill Team Member. Thanks. May God continue to multiply the words in the hearts of the children and the Team! Amen.

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