Report from Zambia OA MSSM II

Report from Zambia OA MSSM II

Report from Zambia OA MSSM II

Greetings to all of our super OA MSSM II parents – you are the greatest! We all are doing great! We have finished our first week in the “bush” ministering to over 442 people (children & adults) with 48 decisions for Christ. PTL!!!!! We begin our last week in the bush tomorrow (Wed. 7-28) so we will not have internet access for a while. You can rejoice as your teens have done a fantastic job of relating to the children and adults here in Zambia – they are a super group and we love them dearly. Love, hugs, and kisses from all of us – Lord bless you richly and thank you for praying – we can tell as God s doing great and mighty things through your great teens.

After our first week on the Kapelamekwa MSSM Circuit:

This first week has been most glorious to our Lord and Savior! I’m having an amazing time here in the bush. I’m glad to be a servant of God. Please pray for our health and safety while we are out here. I love you and miss you greatly. Joel

Circuit riding has been a blast as we have been getting far into the bush to share God’s love. I’m sad we only have one more full circuit to go through but going to enjoy every minute! Bob

My eyes have been opened to just how blessed of a life I actually have. This circuit is a gift from God and a great adventure I won’t forget. Scotty

This circuit has definetly been one of my most life-changing experiences yet. It’s amazing, especially how welcoming and loving these people are. Being here opened my eyes to a completely different lifestyle which I’ve easily come to love. Breanna

The circuit has been a wonderful journey for me. I truly enjoy meeting, playing and interacting with Zambian children and adults. Ester

This is a brand new experience for me. I think this is a really cool circuit. It is a stretch for me when we can’t always be clean as we want or be alone when I want. But over all I like it and it’s an amazing trip. Jeanna

Hey howdy hey! So we have now been around the circuit once. My bike and I still quarrel often, but it’s only prevailed over me once when we got into some deep sand. I’ve got the bruises to prove it! The people here are amazing. The language barrier makes life interesting, but we can sing songs and play games together. It’s great getting to know our brothers and sisters in Christ on the opposite side of the world. Savannah

The motorcycle riding around the circuit has been absolutely amazing! God is teaching me lots here with my team, some of those lessons being learning lots of patience, sharing, having a giving heart, and the huge need of the beautiful people here in Africa. Donovan

The circuit has been so much fun so far! The motorcycles are fun, the children are so cute, playing soccer is awesome, and seeing lives changed is the best! We still need much prayer, for protection from diseases, snakes and parasites. Give praise and thanks we have not crossed paths. Pray also for the village of Ntanga, that the devil’s grasp would be shattered. Thanks for the prayers! I love you all! Drew



  1. We will pray for the village of Ntanga! We are so happy for the blessing of God upon your work! We will pray for those who have accepted Christ! We are so thankful you can do this exciting mission! The Phillies are just behind the Braves in second place. Love always, Mom and Dad and Caleb, who is jealous of you, Drew Van too

  2. Hey Kristen, We love you and Miss you so much … the kids cant wait to see you when you get back … so proud of the work you are doing over there…. Praying for you always!!! Love your little family.. Theresa, Paige, & Aidan

  3. thank you for the updates im so proud of all of you!!!!!your hearts are all very evidendent with the love and growth for this mission! my prayers are with you daily! may god bless you and keep you and shine his face upon you all of your days! kristen’s mamma!

  4. Kara Dowers, Donovans Mom

    Wow! What an adventure and what an opportunity! I’m so excited for all the personal growth you all are making and the difference you are making in the world. Love you Donovan!

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