Independence day of Peru

Peru team traveling

Peru team traveling

Peru doing presentation

Peru doing presentation

Greetings from Pucallpa! Today is the Independence Day of Peru. The school children have been practicing special marches all week. They will be celebrating all day and into the night.

We are busy mixing concrete today, praise the Lord, because yesterday was a bit discouraging. About 6am it started raining torrentially and continued for a few hours. Once again we could not work on the project. Brian and Dimas headed to town to buy supplies and none were available. They went to many places and there was no concrete or bricks. The city has been paving many roads and using all the supplies. But God came through and later in the day sand and concrete became available and were delivered that afternoon. We are expecting a delivery of 1,000 bricks today.

The weather is still warm, but the rains are so unusual for this time of year. It can be difficult to work with 10lbs of red clay stuck to each boot! The team is having a good attitude and working hard at every opportunity. We are planning to do a presentation in the town square Monday evening.

Please continue to pray for the health of the team, as almost everyday someone is having stomach issues. But we are happy to report that we have had no injuries.

The team enjoys so much singing and interacting with the nationals. Youth and kids from the church come everyday! They are working with us to mix concrete, because they are excited to be a part of the building of their own church. More news to come. God bless!


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  1. Oh Lord please be with Kristin and the team as they try to complete the church in Peru. We pray for good weather so this project can be finished on time. We have put this team in your loving hands to keep them safe and healthy. THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!
    We miss you Kristin!!

    Nana and Papa

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