“Lei Ho” from Hong Kong!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Lei Ho!(Hey! in Cantonese) The team has been quite busy over the past few days. We were able to share a presentation including songs, puppets, a drama and two testimonies in a Youth For Christ gathering on Saturday. Sunday was a great day. The team shared in an open-air garden to an English-speaking Filipino group. The Enemy tried to discourage us by causing the batteries to the MP3 player to go dead (when they had been fine earlier), but the team sang songs and shared testimonies despite the technical difficulty. We then were able to attend an English-speaking church service atop the second tallest building in Hong Kong (75 stories high). The scenery was amazing as well as the music and preaching. After getting caught up on all of our memory verses and classes, we spent the evening shopping at the Ladies’ Street Bazaar. The team was excited to practice their bartering skills when buying authentic Chinese souvenirs for their family and friends.

On Monday, the team really enjoyed ministering in a local middle school. They divided into five groups, each group leading an English lesson in a classroom. The lessons included scripture memory, singing and phonics, choreography to a puppet song, wordless book, and a skit. Each group then had to ‘perform’ their lesson in front of the assembly (most of the school). Both the team members and students really enjoyed their time together. That afternoon they shared their presentation in a nursing home. The residents especially enjoyed the song sung in Chinese. The team was able to share the gospel at the Nathan Road Mosque. They were met with very strong opposition from a Muslim group, but they held firm in their stand for the Lord. That evening the team gave a 45-minute presentation (Gospel Dinner) at a Chinese restaurant. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the drama, Conforming Jesus.

While the team is liking the Chinese food, they are especially grateful for the American-style snacks: chocolate pie, Rice Krispie Treats, chicken salad, and even carrot sticks and green salad. We are even keeping Drew (nicknamed Gigantor) fed, which is a major feat. We have also been experiencing missionary life in the way of a critter. Although we have been spared from ants, a rat visits quite often to seek our food supply. We have named him Fred and hope he goes to heaven soon by way of our traps. We have had to be quite creative in storing our food. So far, we have thwarted his efforts.

We are looking forward to a sightseeing day on Thursday. Please pray that God keeps the rain away so we can ride the Star Ferry across Victoria Bay and take the tram up to Victoria Peak. We hope to take lots of pictures of the spectacular scenery and view the evening light show.

Please continue to pray for our efforts in sharing the gospel as well as safety and good health. We are all doing well!!



  1. Thank you very much for the news report… we are blessed to hear that this is being a blessing to the people you are approaching and to your own lives… church and family are praying for your doors to be open, safety and your health… Much love to you Gloria Marie, we miss you,and although we are blessed by what has taken place so far, we are all here praying and expecting even GREATER things to happen in the remaining of your trip. Much love,Dad

  2. Great to hear about your events and all the work being done in the name of the Lord! May you all stay well and free of Fred pilfering your supplies. Be encouraged in the Lord and strengthened by His might. God bless you all for ministering!

  3. So glad to have had the opportunity to read the report and that all is going well. I do however, hope that you catch that rodent really soon! I can’t wait for Katie to come home and tell us of all the wonderful experiences including the puppetry . Katie, I can just visualize you being involved in the performance and giving it your all, We love and miss you. Uncle Allan missed you during Terri’s wedding. Love Auntie Jude

  4. Gloria Rodriguez

    What a blessing to read each report! We praise God for all that He continues to do through your lives as you minister to so many in need of the Good News. Miss Marie, we love and miss you! Leaders and Team, we are praying for renewed strength for you. Stay strong in the Lord!!!!

  5. Scott and Chris Lynum

    Thanks for the updates team, and way to be strong in the Lord. Jake, we are thrilled for you and the rest of the team and we are excited to hear all the stories and see the pictures in a couple of weeks. Know that we are praying for you all and for Gods blessing on your work there in Hong Kong.
    Love Ya
    Dad and Mom

  6. So glad to hear of all your activities and progress at the camp. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all you are doing for the Lord and the people of China. My prayers and the prayers of my church are constantly going out to your team. Can’t wait to hear all the stories when I see you, Abby at Nana’s party. Take lots of pictures because I can’t wait to see them:) I love you!!! Auntie Carla

  7. G’day! It is very encouraging to see what the youth are doing in Hong Kong. Congratulations Isaac and the team on all you are doing for the Lord from Down Under. The work you are doing now will have an effect on people’s lives for eternity!!! Trevor

  8. Great to read the updates! Thanks for taking the extra effort to keep Drew nourished! 🙂 I can totally appreciate the comments! Praise God for safety, health and opportunities for sharing His love! Love, mom and dad

  9. Drew – glad to hear things are going so well! I’m so proud of you and I hope you are having an awesome time! We miss you and can’t wait to see you when you get back! Love Auntie Sue and Uncle Jay

  10. G’day all! It sounds very fascinating in Hong Kong. The Lord is doing great things through this Missions Trip. Congratulations, Isaac, for all you and the team are doing. God bless you all. Love from Down Under!

  11. Dan & Tammie Hicks

    Thank you for the great updates. Praise God for all He is doing! Emily, you look great; it was so wonderful to see your smiling face. We will keep praying that God will bless all of these evangelistic opportunities! Love, Mom & Dad

  12. I remember my missionary stint, back in the 80’s. I loved Hong Kong so much, I moved here. The people are so wonderful. This story brought back many great memories.
    Have a great time!

  13. Stephanie Knorr

    Praise God for keeping the team healthy and busy!! We love hearing about the good work being done in Hong Kong. Please ask Isaac NOT to bring Fred home!

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