Malawi FW I

Malawi FW I

Malawi FW I

The following is a report on the Malawi FW I team from Heni (our staff):

Mathew went to move the other teen team on Monday from Benga II, Wellman Family Orphan Rescue Unit to Mangochi, Heart of Faith Orphan Rescue Unit. They did not have a chance to go to an Internet place to write a report. They are in the bush still and NOT going anywhere near civilization soon. From Mangochi they are going straight to the hills of Dedza. They finished their project at Wellman Family Orphan Rescue Unit. They finished the playground that had different things like slide, swings and hanging things. When the team was leaving there was already about 30 kids on it playing and enjoying it. But they don’t dare to slide on the slide yet, so the facilitators are going to dig a bit at the end of it and fill it up with sand to make it a softer landing.

The team said when they arrived to us how much they enjoyed being with the Wellman kids and how good friendships they made over the past week. It is amazing how much those kids have changed during the last 5 years since the Unit arrived to their village. They got so much nicer to each other and to the visitors too.

I don’t know numbers how many kids’ feet they washed during their time or how many decisions they had either. I know they went for EV often and I have to say: they are a singing group!



  1. Sara (Drake's Mom)

    Continuing to pray for the team everyday! Wondering if any of our letters have reached Drake.

  2. Friends of Eve and John

    Glad to hear you’re having a blast! The whole playground project is very exciting! Your in our prayers and keep singing! We are proud of you and can’t wait till you get back!! Sending our love from Utica!! 🙂

  3. I’m so glad they are all doing well!! Can hardly wait to see pictures and hear more!! We”ll keep praying!!

  4. Rod and Donna Frey

    This is great news! I love hearing that they are still singing, b/c singing makes the heart glad. This makes me think they are all well and thriving! God is good!

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