Malawi FW II

Malawi FW II

Malawi FW II

We have just arrived at the House of Joel Orphan Rescue Unit around 2 o’clock this afternoon. Last time I wrote an email was from the capital, now I am sitting with our laptop in the village of Khwidzi typing it up and tomorrow Mathew is going to Lilongwe for supplies, I’ll asked him to send it. Lord willing it will work out and it will go.

We finished our work project of making a goat pen for Heart of Faith Orphan Rescue Unit. We made the pillars out of bricks, pouring concrete in the middle with a thick rebar sticking out. Then they made the wooden frame of it, two parts in it and then it took us everybody to put it up on the pillars. It only came apart one corner, which we fixed with an extra piece of wood. The floor was with 2” by 2”s and the walls were with 2” by 6”s. They used the method of the construction video measuring the space between the boards with one board and it looks sharp! The put 2” by 4”s on the top part to put the grass on as roofing by the facilitators later. We worked very hard on the project and got it done, praise the Lord, by Monday evening 5:30 PM.

Since the last report we went to two more different villages, but after sharing the Gospel through songs, testimonies by Corine and Lydia, puppets and the evangicube or the wordless book by Hannah, nobody dared to raise their hands, fearing the crowd around them, as it is a very thick Muslim area in Mangochi.

After setting up their tents they all, except KP, went out to do evangelism in a nearby village. After their presentation Sarah did the Evangecube to explain the Gospel to the crowd gathered there and with the help of a facilitator, Levison. 47 people prayed the salvation prayer in Chichewa. With this we have a total of 89 decisions for Christ.



  1. Grace Happy 16th Birthday! We love you and miss you. See you soon.

  2. Happy 14th Birthday Dakoda!!!!! We love, love, love you!!!!!


  3. Bless you all! I am excited to hear how God is working in Malawi, May many more lives be touched and saved by your work there. I pray for health for the whole team…safe travels too.

  4. Praise God for more people expressing faith in the Savior!!! Good to get another report for the team. We are praying every day, several times a day.

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