Malawi Preteens

Malawi Preteens

Malawi Preteens

Things are going great. The team works great together and planted around 365 trees out of 500. They love evangelizing to the Malawians. The coloring books bring smiles to the faces of the kids and adults alike. The presentation is improving everyday and we’ve chosen a few fun national songs to learn. We’ve had nothing but pleasant weather: sunny days and cool nights. Celia went to the sick room with a mild fever, after 24 hours she was as good as new and back to her chipper self. Bronia woke with a stomach ache this morning but after prayer, Pepto Bismal and rest she was fine30 minutes later. We have been unable to get an internet connection so a staff member and myself have traveled to Salima. The team finished planting their 500th tree today. Tomorrow we start with our seeds. The staff member commented during our travel how happy our team is, she has not seen one sad face. We are all very excited about our up and coming trip to Sango Bay Saturday. The kids are anxious to barter for their souveniers. We had pizza last night for dinner half of which was cooked on an open fire because we ran out of propane. Many of us have never had pizza cooked over an open fire so it was a neat experience. Mnday the kids evangelized a village in Chipoka through coloring books and their presenatio. God used Sarah through an interpreter to lead many to Christ. We leaders all feel so blessed for you having shared your awesome kids with us this summer. Thank you. Mrs. Jen



  1. Thanks again for the update. Praying my Bronia stays well. Trying not think about the fact that it wasn’t me to take care of her. She is safe in the Lord’s hands!! Praying so much for you guys.

  2. Yeah Sarah! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad

  3. So great to hear such a detailed report! Thanks!

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