A very eventful week in Madagascar

A very eventful week in Madagascar

A very eventful week in Madagascar

After a very eventful first week the Madagascar team is exhausted but excited for the next round of new experiences and adventures here in the Teen Missions South Base. The latter end of our week was full of hard work, good food, music, and many “first-time” opportunities for the team. The project is going smoothly with one staff house roof completed and concrete being poured for the floor. The team has begun working on the second staff house and plans to start work on the third house this week. We also brought some of the Lord’s Boot camp charm to the base here by setting up a big top on the property to provide more shelter from the rainy weather notorious to south Madagascar. Fortunately, however, God has answered our prayers for drier weather and gave us three straight days and nights without rain (hallelujah)!!! In the absence of rain, we had a festive Friday night with a traditional Malagasy meal (compliments of the BMW students) and Malagasy worship music in honor of Desire’s (our leader) return home and the first American Teen Missions team to Vangaindrano. The team loved the food and slept well with extremely full bellies. Saturday was the first opportunity the team had to go into town for a presentation and we were overwhelmed by the number of people who came; roughly 500 people. At the close of the presentation, approximately 100 people came up for the altar call. After a week in the bush, the team was shocked and excited to be among the busy streets of Vangaindrano among all the people. However, the shock of re-socialization quickly subsided at the opportunity to buy goodies and soda. Sunday was yet another “first time” for the team as we visited our first Malagasy congregation. Although the service lasted significantly longer than most of our services at home (4-hours), the team was introduced to a new kind of church fund raising; sunday morning auction. Several of the team members enjoyed participating in the auction and had the opportunity to taste baked sweet bread, buy locally grown coffee beans and purchase hand woven mats and bags, all from the convenient comfort of our pews. All in all it has been an excellent week and we continue to seek God for growth, understanding and wisdom in this new home away from home. Thank you for your prayers and continue to pray for our health and safety and the growing ministry of Teen Missions in South Madagascar.



  1. So glad you guys are doing well. Kade, we all hope that you are having fun and learning a lot. We are praying for you, and can’t wait to hear from you when you get home!

  2. Grandma Jerilee Gott

    Wow, what experience you are having. Justin, Grandpa and I have prayed for you and your team everyday. We are so encouraged that their are young people like yourselfs who are committed to making a difference for good in this world. Bless your hearts, keep up the good work and continue to stay close to the Lord. Much love, Grandma

  3. We love the update, it is amazing to hear what the Lord is doing while you are still there and not just after the fact – if you have any specific prayer requests we will add them to our list:) Blessings to you, especially the leaders – May Father God pour out His strength to each one of you so that you can minister to your team members and to the community by and through His strength, peace, grace and infinite wisdom as you move forward this summer. Remember you can only do what you are doing because of what HE did for each of you – press on, press on:)!!!
    Many Blessings from the Leach Family,
    Nova Scotia, Canada

  4. Oh THANK YOU for the update! WOW is all I can say about your presentation– what great news! It is good to hear that you are making some project progress, regardless of the rain. Praying for your health and safety and for lives to be changed for God’s glory.

  5. Nathan's parents

    Thanks for all the news! Glad to hear about drier weather. We continue to pray for safety, health and God’s good and faithful work in and through you. Many blessings to you –

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