Honduras Horseback in third location

Honduras Horseback

Honduras Horseback

Honduras Horseback

Honduras Horseback

We have safely arrive at our third location. It was about 3 hours on horseback in the hot sun, then we crossed the river in a boat and walked the last hour to the village while the horses carried our packs. There was a smaller river that needed to be crossed. The team took turns riding the horses across until everyone was across. Monday we started the work for the third latrine. Asley, Josephine and Chirley have been making blocks; Brianna, Jonathan and Caleb have been cutting rebar; Ben, Autumn, Helena have been laying block.

At this location we are right next to the river so the team has enjoyed their bath and laundry time. But for some reason it rains a lot more here than it has at the other two locations so it makes it difficult for clothes to get dry! Also, the first night we were going to give a presentation; no one came because it was raining. Here, the people travel up to an hour on their horses to come to church and when it is raining the trail is so slippery it is dangerous. The next evening it was not raining so we held the presentation and there were 10 non-Christian men who came as well as several Christian women with their children.

Thursday we are planning to give a presentation at the elementary school in this village.



  1. Lynda and Michael Leamy

    Thank you so much for the updates. Praying for you all, and hugs to Brianna. Lord bless you and work through you for His glory.

  2. Caroline Rodgers

    I don’t know anyone on this team, but I’ve been following your progress while waiting for reports about the preteens in Honduras. What a fantastic opportunity for all of you! You are truly building a life message that you can take home and share with a real sense of God’s goodness! Thank God!
    Blessings on you! Keep up the good work.

  3. Carilyn L. White

    Hello, I have been following the reports and praying for the team. Thanks so much for the updates and photos. It is a blessing to be able to hear from you and learn all is going well. The smiles on your faces indicate, even though, you are working hard you are having an enjoyable time. Keep up the good work!! Your labor is not in vain!!

  4. Patti Schatzmann

    Once again we are blessed for more news..thank-you!! To God be all the glory for what is being done in Honduras and around the world through TMI

  5. THANK YOU for all the updates! We are praying for you!

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