Indiana Team

Indiana Team

Indiana Team

Greetings from the Indiana Team. We look forward to this new week, anticipating growth in our spiritual lives and looking for many fair-goers to give their lives to Christ.

Sunday was a good day of worship, both in the morning and evening, at different churches. Before going to bed the team viewed the Passion of Christ, and had a renewed appreciation of what Jesus went through for us and all people who will ever live.

Classes, GG, and presentation rehearsal were the order of events in the morning and early afternoon on Monday, then our team devotions were led by Josie. [Each day before team devotions we have a game, since the kids have so much youthful energy, and this is an evangelism team without much physical activity.] They are usually very attentive to the things their peers have to share in devotions. We are praying for family members and friends at home each day as well.

The team was divided into two groups to go to two different fairs this week – Mon. – Fri. These fairs are in Edwards Co. and Pike Co. and are very small, but this first evening, five people gave their lives to Christ, and many were surveyed and given Bibles. Some team members are still working to complete their memory verse review from Sunday, so there was some memory work going on during the fair also. Three young girls who are part of the TTT teen ministry are staying with us this week and have also been coached in witnessing at the fairs.

The team went to the same fairs they had gone to on Monday evening. A total of nine people prayed to receive Christ at the two fairs, bringing the TTT total from the beginning of the summer to 99 professions of faith!

In spite of any discouragements or frustrations, the best thing that has happened on the Indiana Team has been that Erika Holmes gave her life to Christ today! (Wed. 7/28/2010)

She shared it with the team in the evening, and we want to say she was the official 100th person who gave their life to Christ (with TTT) since the beginning of the summer. There were also three others who gave their lives to Christ at the fairs Wed. evening.



  1. Here is a prayer request from home. I have an opportunity in our small town to take a per diem job at the hospital. This is the very first time such a job has opened up in our fifteen years of living here. If I can work a few hours each week then we will be able to meet our goal as a family to put aside money to attend TMI next year. Please pray that if it is in the Lord’s will for our family that I will get this job. Also pray that I accept that it may not be in His will for me to work at this time as we continue to home school and we do not want any distractions from the responsibilities that I have as a mom.

  2. Isaiah 25: 9 In that day they will say, “Surely this is our God; We trusted in Him, and He saved us. This is the LORD, we trusted in Him; let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation.” God isn’t finished with you yet. He never forgets… YES! YES! YES! May God surround you with his love, protection, and goodness. Pray for God’s strength. The task is too big for you. Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. David, mount up with wings like eagles!

  3. May the saving power of Jesus Christ set you free to tell the truth , regardless of the consequences.
    Devin we love you and hope to hear of a heart change where Christ becomes the most important person in your life, Asking Him into your life is one thing, letting Him lead you is your daily decision. Love , Grandma Linda

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