Hola from Belize!

Hola from Belize!

Hola from Belize!

Hola from Belize! Thank you for your prayers. The weather has turned and it hasn’t rained in four days, PRAISE THE LORD! Unfortunately, that does not mean we were free from obstacles. In the past three days over half of our team has been in the “sick tent” with what has turned out to be a 24-48 hr flu. It has impacted each team member differently, but they are all up and have returned to the job site. The work continues to progress. We had our steel rebar delivered on Monday & the team members began cutting the 100 pieces of repar into smaller pieces this week. We hope to have the rebar tied & layed by the end of the weekend. We anticipate picking up the cement early next week to begin to lay the foundation of the hurricane shelter. The team is excited to finally see it all coming together.

This week we have been blessed to have a small group from Illinois here in town putting on a VBS for the local children. There are over 90 children in attendance at the VBS & we have noticed to atmosphere around town has changed dramatically. The VBS is run in the afternoon & every evening after the VBS is over the local children will congregate around our evening devotions site. We have taken the opportunity to share with them, play games & show them the love of Christ. Additionally, we are on our second week of English classes. They are going very well & we have a consistent group of adults who are coming. Additionally, they bring their children & some of our team members have developed a children’s program which they are doing.

We have appreciated all of your prayers over the past week and can’t believe that we will be returning to the states in a little over a week. Please continue to pray for the weather, our health & the completion of the project.



  1. Brenda and Larry Fast

    We love it–I mean that you are teaching English! Must be in the genes!!!!! We’re praying for you daily and mightily! Had a great weekend in the High Tatras!

  2. I’m so glad the team is doing better. Very sorry to hear some were sick. We continue to pray for you and hope you are able to complete your job. Please wish everyone well. See you all soon when you return to the States.

  3. Patti Schatzmann

    Way to go Belize…it sounds like you are making it work in everything you do..the word setback is not in your vocabulary!! Our love and prayers are with you..”hi” to Brittany Moore

  4. Jewel and Cameron

    Jacob and Jordan, hope all is well. VBS how great is that!

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