Hong Kong goes sightseeing

Hong Kong goes sightseeing

Hong Kong goes sightseeing

Hong Kong greetings!! We are thrilled to report the last few days of our time in Hong Kong. On Thursday the team took a sightseeing day. After we finished some classes in the morning, we left to see the sights. We trained to the harbor and rode the Star Ferry across Victoria Bay to Hong Kong Island. From the harbor on that side we hiked (and I mean hiked) to the tram station. We all piled on the tram that took us up the side of the mountain to Victoria’s Peak. Although the ride was only 12 minutes long, the views were spectacular. We were all able to get some good pictures. Once we arrived at the top, we split into our travel groups and did some souvenir shopping, took more Kodak moments, and found a few American eateries (Starbucks and McDonald’s). It was a relaxing day just

hanging out as a team and seeing amazing sights of God’s creation. After the fog began to roll in, we decided to take the tram back down the mountain, hike back to the train station and take the underground train under Victoria’s Bay. After a brief rain shower, we were able

to watch the Hong Kong light and laser show over the water. It has been named the largest light show by Guinness World Records and involves 44 buildings on both sides of the harbor. It was worth the wait!! We were all ready for bed that night. On Friday we continued working on our painting project. The team wants to complete this so much before we leave. We are starting to see real progress. We spent the afternoon at another nursing home, sharing our gospel presentation to 60 elderly. They really enjoyed the songs and the puppets. On Saturday morning we accomplished more painting and can really see the end in sight. We had to forfeit an afternoon of rest to pack and move to another location. The Youth For Christ staff are concerned about the rat problem in the building and moved us to an apartment nearby. Although the living space is a little tight, we are making it work. The team was busy Saturday night giving a presentation (Gospel dinner) at a local restaurant. We have plans to share in a youth service on Sunday morning and hope to rest in the afternoon and finish souvenir shopping in the evening. Please pray that as we are in our final week in Hong Kong that the team will not lose its focus, and that our presentations are more effective than ever.



  1. Gloria Rodriguez

    We have been so blessed to read your reports, Hong Kongians! We continue to lift you up in prayer that the Lord’s will would be fully accomplished, and that nothing that He has purposes through you for His glory would be left undone. Gloria Marie, I love and miss you dearly. I’m so thankful to know that you are spending your life solely for His fame! Keep looking up!!! For Him, because of, and unto Him always…. -Momma

  2. Thanks for the up date. You are in our prayers for your final week in Hong Kong and for a safe
    trip back to Florida. I know Katie, will have enjoyed star bucks. Thanks again leaders
    for everything you have done for and with our kids. May God Richly Bless You.
    Katie, you are loved and missed,xoxox

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